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Tbirds fall to Spokane

Overall a good effort from Seattle last night but certainly not the result they were looking for and they now find themselves a full 7 points behind Kamloops for the 8th and final playoff spot in the West.

If Farwell wasn't sure about being a seller at the trade deadline, this recent 5 game losing streak should do the trick. It is time to unload some of these players while they have some value. I have been promising a trade deadline post for at least a week now and I will deliver on that later this week. I will be going on vacation later this week and will be in New York as the actual deadline happens so I will try to have that up on the website by Wednesday.

I will save my energy for the trade deadline post and keep this pretty short as well.

Seattle had good effort tonight and that is what I'm really looking for with this team. Spokane is good, so there is no shame in losing to them by a goal at home. Tbirds did wind up taking 39 shots to just 28 for Spokane so it wasn't as if they didn't play well or didn't have opportunities. The problem really stems from a lack of "drive" or "hunger". Jeremy Schappert actually hit the nail right on the head in his post game interview, Spokane just got hungry around the net in the 2nd period and they were able to earn the lead and hold it from that point. Sometimes you have to just want it more than the other team and force the puck into the net. I'm not sure if I'm really making much sense with that point.

So... the good news is that Seattle is starting to show step 1... effort. Step 2 is effort and hunger. Step 3 is effort, hunger and skill. ETA Step 3... spring of 2011.

One last note on the New Years Eve game down in Portland. I didn't see the game, I heard it was ugly in the 3rd and I decided it wasn't worth it to pay $5 to watch the archived game. I'm not really sure there is anything new we can learn about this team on nights like that. On some nights, this team doesn't even want to get to Step 1 and on those nights they are going to get blasted and at this point Portland knows that and they don't take their foot off the gas pedal.


Unknown said...

I totally think that we will be playing without both prab and schapps this weekend. I'm going to both games this weekend, and will be very disappointed if both were still on this team. I will be sad to see them go, but this season is over, and its time to rebuild and after seeing what brandon gave up to get wiebe from kamloops, and what they gave up to get the kid from edmonton, I fully expect to get back something good for the future for prab. Both players have had good seasons, and should bring back some good young players. To be honest, I don't care who they trade and I think only picks, wells, alos, jacobs, rouse, and muth should be untouchable. Trade anything we can to bring in younger, better players, and let's rebuild this thing.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Chris and would add Sentyurin to that list. He's often the only one hustling.

Anonymous said...

I think you would be in for a grand shock if you think the T-birds can get back multiple players for eithe Rai or Schappert. Maybe a player or a draft pick but I doubt anyone would give up a lot to rent a player for 3 months. Remember, both Rai and Schappert are 20. Maybe some team will panic and overpay though. Quite frankly I don't see any of the top teams out east looking for a 20 yr old. Maybe Vancouver?

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree here I do think Rai could really help a team looking for offense but nobody is going unload it's top 15-16 year olds for him. As for Schappert he is a 4th defensemen on most teams I can see him finishing out in Seattle.
I know Tyler doesn't agree but there has to come a point in this teams history when something has to give. Some of us have been watching average hockey for too long now. And it's time to bring in people who are going to get the job done. Seems people are always making excuses for the organization. But 1 Western Finals appearance is just not acceptable. Blame whatever you want lack of talent, bad drafting/scouting, bad coaching, management. All I can tell you is something is obviously not working here. We can't even get decent zamboni drivers anymore.
The one thing that matters the one thing people will remember is championships. You can throw stats and percentages out. I want to see teams that are WHL Championship material. Not a 2nd round success story. Sure the bad season this year is bringing on more negativity than usual, but the only season in the past decade and change we have had a legitimate team to be excited about we lost pretty handily to Kelowna in the West Finals. It's just my opinion and I know some don't feel the same but change is needed in more than one area here.

Thunnex said...

Well... I probably agree with you a little more than you are giving me credit. I don't necessarily agree with the notion that Russ or Rob needs to be replaced but I clearly think some changes need to be made within the organization to improve things.

You guys have to understand though... while I'm not "media" I also have a good working relationship with the Tbirds. If I go running around bad mouthing front office or specific employees... I lose that relationship.

If fans think changes are needed, they are free to voice those opinions in an intelligent way here (which you did) but whether I join in on "bashing" or not isn't really needed to validate anyone's opinions.

Anonymous said...

"Blame whatever you want lack of talent, bad drafting/scouting, bad coaching, management. All I can tell you is something is obviously not working here." Amen, I'd only add that lack of talent can only be the end result of bad drafting/scouting and failure to develop or use talent would fall under coaching/management.

"I don't necessarily agree with the notion that Russ or Rob needs to be replaced but I clearly think some changes need to be made within the organization to improve things." Who makes the calls come draft day - Russ, so if we have a lack of talent how do you remedy that without looking at him - this is why we are doomed to mediocrity until he moves on. I'm more neutral on Sumner but I had enough of Russ a very long time ago. He's a "C" grade GM in my book and only gets the C because he pulls off some decent trades, if I were to grade him on his drafts I'd give him a D.

Anonymous said...

The above post (6:27 pm) hits the nail right on the head. I is very well worded and and offers facts that can't be disputed. I have said for a long time (years) that the on ice product leaves a lot to be desired. Seattle is a great city, and I truly believe any young hockey player would love to come and develope his talents here. However, we can't seem to get enought "top end" players to be competitive. Until changes (in the people who bring the players in) are made there is absolutely NO reason to expect anything different in the years to come.

Scot and Leslie Rawlings said...

As I have been reading these posts I see some with validity and some not so much. Not saying that you don't have the right to your own opinion; but is your opinion based on facts or emotion?
The first thing I want to talk about is the trade deadline. I have heard that Prab should go, Schappert should go, and so on. Some I agree with and some there is no way based on the facts.

To Trade
1 Prab Rai - 20 years old, a scoring machine, great trade for a contender in the Memorial Cup race. This would give a chance for us to get an 18 or 19 year old that would provide veteran leadership next year that we don't have now and won't have next year with the current players. It will also give Prab the ability to end his tremendous career with a plus instead of early.

2 Charles Wells - playing as an 18 year old he shares the 1st line with Jonathan Parker to support Prab and Nielsen. So far Wells has 10 goals and 21 assists which is a far cry from his Bantam potential. It has been proven the only way for Wells to tally on the scoring sheet is to pass the puck to a natural and proven scorer for an assist that anyone could do who plays junior hockey. Wells is a one way player with lack of a better word "lazy" on defense in the defensive zone. Although he is an asset on the PK with his speed I only see him in that role. Then there is attitude like most of the players. If you follow Wells and a number of other players you will see an extreme lack of team but an abundance of cockiness. At what point did it become a skill for a player to hog the puck with 2 men on to just give it away. There is no room for single play on this team and a veteran himself he should understand that.

3 Jonathan Parker - Clearly a player in a similar role as Wells he is proven to be unsuccessful when better players are not on the ice at the same time. He has to have someone to make him better the same as Pippen needed Jordan during the Bulls NBA run. On the other hand he is a very active player that provides a good asset to trade and benefit another team.

4 Brenden Dillon - I don't know what to say other than cut your losses T-Birds. The best you could get out of this once highly rated defense man is a 1st or second round pick from the Bantam Draft. This guys best season was last year when he only played 5 shifts a game. He has absolutely no confidence in the defensive zone and couldn't hit another player if he was standing still. His predictable undisciplined play in key times of almost every game is the worst thing any team should have to deal with especially for the players who have the heart to play hard and keep the desire to win alive.

5 Erik Fleming - As we all know, Russ Farwell has never had a good track record of draft picks which unfortunately this is one of them. Fleming is a very good reason for the Birds disaster of a defensive structure. With only 4 assists and a -12 on the year, Fleming is a large reason for the teams lack of physicality. On a good note his best time here with the team was last year when he rolled on the 4th line grinder as a forward which could be a great asset to an open team needing age on the 4th line.

No Trade - Warg, Sentyurin, Jacobs, Lockhart, Alos, Rouse, Ramsey, Pickard, Troock, and finally put Sena back at defense where this team needs him the most. After all good defense starts with being physical. As for the reasoning behind keeping these players, only one word can explain, HEART!!!!!! Most have it plain as day but some just need a little confidence to bring it out.

This team could be the team we all want and deserve the most with the HEART of a true athlete. Whether or not it is bad coaching, the worst ownership in the WHL, or even the lack of skill, HEART is the one thing on this earth that builds success, freedom, trust, and a CHAMPION!!!

Raven said...

I agree that HEART is the key ingredient to successful players and teams. A player with HEART is something GM’s, coaches and scouts look for because they know they work with these players. A player with HEART doesn’t take games off or even shifts off and keeps playing hard regardless of the score. It’s something a player might be able to fake for a short time or when the team is winning but a player with true HEART will show in the end. With age and training all these young players will get bigger, stronger and faster. You can teach a player to have a harder shot but HEART comes from within and can’t be taught.

Mr Tell13 said...

I haven't been a fan of the team for a long time (as I am in the Seattle since 2006)but where does this frustration come from? I am reading that the ownership and /or coaching need changes and stuff but have you seen the line-up? Our current first 3 centers are Nielsen, Rouse and Lockart (in whatever order)compare that to the 3 centers of 2007-08 (Holloway,Rai and O'Brian, all over or close to 1 ppg)and they still lost in round 2.
I am not saying that changes is not needed. Russ, being in the ownership group is not likely to move and I would not put blame on coaching staff, its too easy of a answer and usually never produce long term results. Maybe in the way that the team handles the players ...I don't know, but I do seem to notice a lot of players playing for themself and not the team.
As far as the players likely to go,I do see Prab go (best value on the team), Schapp might be going if a teamm is willing to drop a 20. But the one that I feel like might be a suprise move would be Sena, he's now a very versatil player with the ability to drop the gloves when needed, might have some values there.
On a personnal note, I would also take something for Warg, I have a feeling he will go pro next year.

Lastly I dont get the problem DX has with Dillon, I actually believe he is doing pretty decent this year.

Anonymous said...

The hard part about trading Rai or Schaps is that they are both 20 year olds and the team getting them doesn't get them for the long term which diminishes their trade value.

The ownership team for the Birds seems to run off the business model of just make the playoffs. Not let's win in the playoffs. That needs to change. On the other hand when our previous owner was running the team that also seemed to be the mentality more years than not.

Anonymous said...

WOW and I thought Tyler just couldn't see through the forest now we know he's just afraid to speak about the T-Birds. Well at least will still get to read the riveting interviews with Rob.

Thunnex said...

"WOW" Talk about missing the point.

I know you seem to be eager to bash me... but you are really missing the point. Let me try to explain it to you again.

What I am sayin is... though not official, I am essentially a media member in a form similar to Geoff Baker or Larry Stone for the Mariners. You don't see those guys running around writing articles saying "Fire (fill in the blank)". It's just bad policy. If you guys want me to have access to the team for things like Q and A with Russ and Rob, you want me to have a relationship that allows that to happen.

Why in the world do you need me to "agree" with your point of view? You need validation from a blogger that you might be right??

Ironically... I think you are the one not seeing the "forest through the trees".

Trust me... you want me on good terms with the front office, if I run around writing about individual people needing to be fired I lose that ability.

That make sense to you??

For the record. I have said many times that things are far from perfect around here. I want a championship just as bad as everyone else. I believe that some aspects of the team could really benefit from some changes. I disagree with you on the type of "changes" that you think should be made... that's fine... why not leave it at that? You feel the need to take shots at a blogger because I disagree with you?? That's sad man.

Mike and others who know me, know that I don't have a problem talking Birds with anyone... you wanna disagree with me?? Do it to my face, buy me a beer and let's discuss... I'm not that hard to find at games if you really want to find me.

Anonymous said...

DX, seriously? You really wrote the following regarding Dillon:
"The best you could get out of this once highly rated defense man is a 1st or second round pick from the Bantam Draft."
First he was never a highly rated defenseman. I mean he wasn't even drafted his bantam year. But if the T-birds could get a 1st or 2nd rd bantam pick in a trade, that deal would have been made yesterday. If Dillon was worth a
1st or 2nd rd bantam pick, we wouldn't be trading him. I'm so glad you're not the talent evaluator for this team. You think Dillon is worth more than Rai.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You say in one post that you are NOT "media" then follow in another post that you ARE esentially "media" claiming to be the likes on Geoff Baker and Larry Stone... which is it?

Don't give yourself too much credit for the access you think this organization gives you because you don't ask any tough to them anyway so why wouldn't they give you a token interview?

You tend to be extremely sensitive to people who post their opinions of why a coach or G.M. should be fired and you say you don't agree.

So why don't you get off the fence and tell all your readers what YOU think the changes should be? Don't worry about what professional "access" you think you'll be losing it doesn't amount to anything anyway.

Thunnex said...

1) Why do you care?

2) Look, I'm trying to be clear here. Am I formally media? No. Am I allowed acess to the Rob and Russ above what the average fan is? Yes.

3) Ok.. so you aren't a fan of the Q and A with Rob. That's fine... but if you don't like it, just don't read what I write. I'm not really taking requests here.

Jon Whiting said...

Anonymous, here is an idea for you.

Start your own blog.
Develop your own relationships with the front office.
Write what you think happens and should happen.

For all I know, you have already done this.

Then, go ahead and ask Russ for an interview where you ask him the tough difficult questions. Go ahead, ask him if he strives for mediocrity. Ask him why the players have not panned out. Ask him when he is going to fire himself as GM, and just stick to ownership. Ask him about bringing in a real NHL coach.

Then, go ahead and write your own opinion on these, blasting the front office. It is a free world, and you have ever right to do so.

Call yourself Media, or don't call yourself media. Does anyone really care.

By the way, I do happen to agree with you on Dillon. A first rounder for Dillon would be robbery.

Jon Whiting said...

For DX (and yes, this is meant as humor)

Phone rings. “Hello, Brandon Wheat kings front office.”
“Yes, this is Russ Farwell calling for Mr. McCrimmon”
“One second please”
“Hey Russ, Kelly here, thanks for Jacob, he is working out well”.
“No problem at all, I got another one for you, how about Dillon for a first round pick”
Long pause
“You mean first round pick in the GM football pool”
“Ha, very funny, no I mean first round in next years WHL draft”
“Well Russ, I was thinking of offering that pick for Jordon Eberle, so I am not sure what to do”
“Kelly, we have very long history together. You and I go way back. Dillon is a much better player than Eberle will ever become”
“Ah, Russ, (short pause), are we talking about the same Dillon?”
“Well Kelly, I can sweaten the deal by throwing in the rights to Oscar Moller”.
“Russ, Parks from Regina is on the other line, so I have to run, see you at the cup.”

Scot and Leslie Rawlings said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thunnex said...

I'm gonna delete that one too there guys. Let's put the fire out here. DX has his opinion, Anonymous has his... No reason to start a "commenting war" here. It isn't particularly constructive or fun to read.

DX as for your other post. I'm working on my deadline post tonight and will have it out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tell13.... the 3 centers of 07 -08 were nielsen, o brian, and boyer... dont get carried away....

Anonymous said...

DX... you said that the only way parker and wells can be on the score sheet is to play with a "natural and proven goal scorer"... if your saying that player is rai, last time i checked rai's career high is only 25 goals... care to explain?

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