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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Well every blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. As I proposed... Sena Acolatse was dealt to the Saskatoon Blades for RW Burke Gallimore. Another pretty nice move by Farwell. We trade a 19 year old player for an 18 year old player and get slightly younger.

Gallimore is a big winger at 6'0" and 210 lbs and at 18 years old gives you a player that you know will be here next season and could be here as a 20 year old depending on the situation.

Obviously... I didn't miss much last night with Seattle losing 3-0 to Everett last night. In a weird way I actually hope the Tbirds don't make the playoffs because I would rather not pay for playoff tickets to be cannon fodder to one of the top teams in the Western Conference... plus I'd rather have a higher bantam pick in the upcoming draft.

I heard that Aasman played well... but obviously I will reserve any kind of judgment until I return and get a good look for myself.

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