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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Everett Game Thread

I am currently located about 2800 miles away in Albany...

You guys will have to tell me how the team looks tonight. I would presume that Aasman will be in the lineup tonight and it might be interesting to note whether Seattle dresses 7 D or whether on of the players who has been playing gets the scratch.

No other news yet on the trade front, though I'd be very surprised if Farwell is done making deals.

The guy in Kootenay mused that the Ice might be a good fit for a guy like Prab Rai. Having won 8 straight and only two 1989 players on the roster... that would seem to be a pretty good fit.


Kevin said...

Acolatse is gone. He was traded to Saskatoon for Burke Gallimore.

Unknown said...

Honestly thought it would make way more sense to wait till the weekend games were over to trade any of the players, I know there's that risk of injury, but ian furness made a good point last night on the fsn broadcast. He said it would be good for the birds to sneak into that 8th seed and get these young guys some playoff experience for next year and the year to come. I don't know if sena would of made that difference but atleast he would of made our powerplay a little better last night. But, I like the move to bring in gallimore, I think he's going to be a big time scorer in this league, if he gets some help around him, because after last nights effort, I don't know if he will have anyone. Only players I was impressed with was silvester, he played a very physical game, and was flying around the ice, didn't even lookked like he had been hurt or had missed a step. Don't get me wrong, everett wasn't much better and last night was probably one of the sloppiest hockey games I had ever seen, but we just were never in that game. Also, dear russ, please trade prab rai, he deserves to play on a better team and watching him play isn't fun anymore because he's men amongst boys, he has no one as physical, or as dominent on his team to play along side with, if you have one more move up your sleeve, please give him a chance to play with a team going somewhere this year, it would just be for the best.

Hopefully the game is more exciting tonight, it shouldn't be, its the 2 worst teams in the western conference, and neither team can score, well we cant. Go birds, 2011 here we come baby.... oh, and gallimore scores tonight if he gets in the game....

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