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Parker to P.A. for Aasman

Seattle gets defenseman Ryan Aasman from Prince Albert for Jonathan Parker and a 5th round bantam selection.

This is exactly the type of move I was anticipating. Aasman comes with a really nice resume having been the 8th overall selection in the 2007 bantam draft... but I don't really know a ton about his game so as usual we'll have to wait to see how he looks. Adding a 17 year old is exactly the type of move I was hoping for... Seattle is stockpiling players around the 16 and 17 year old years and this is in keeping with this.

Moving Parker might seem strange to some fans but from a roster construction stance it makes sense. I imagine this clears the way for Wells to stay... still a chance he is traded as well but I would think there is an 80% chance he stays now.

Also... with the addition of a defenseman you have some wiggle room if you want to trade away a defenseman like 19 year old Dillon.

Official release can be found here.


Unknown said...

They've already got him in the roster on the Tbirds site, using his Raiders picture.
Time for the photographer for the TBirds to take the worst possible picture of him and post it!
I've met a few of these guys in person, and I wouldn't be able to line some of them up with their roster pictures.

Kevin said...

Hopefully, this will lead to another trade to land a forward.

Kevin said...

We all need to learn how to pronounce his name correctly. LOL

Unknown said...

I think this is just the start. Lot of people saying this team has a huge chemstry problem, so it sounds like its time to blow some things up. Tyler, great post this morning, I agree with you on a lot of things, I thought wells would get traded before parker did, I think wells offers more and I don't want to trade him due to his play on the pk. But I think with trading one of parker or wells that means silvester is almost ready to come back, so hopefully we see him this weekend. I still think one if not both prab and schapps will be traded, and I think they will try and trade sena, and dillon, maybe throwing them in with other players to get another prospect or a draft choice. I think a perfect place for prab would be calgary, but I still think kelowna might go for him with all there injuries. Who knows though, I find this time of the year really exciting, especially when it comes to rebuilding.

As for next year, because we can now look ahead officially ( even though I think we all already were) I agree with you warg will be our captain, (aslong as he isn't traded this year) and I'm beginning to think that would be a pretty good decision. He seems to be a good leader and someone who can lead a young team. Then if you keep one of dillon or sena this year, you get another 20 year old that can score goals and set a good example for the younger players, and shows them its ok to shoot the puck instead of always making that extra pass. I think are defense is going to pretty solid next season, with warg, ramsay, aasman, bonsor, walker, muth, and fleming ( if he gets a bit stronger). I honestly believe this team isn't far away, the core is there, they just need to keep building.

Chris said...

Not sure if Warg even comes back next season since he would occupy two spots (overager and an import). With a high pick in next year's import draft I think it would be better to get a 18 yr old import preferably one drafted high by an NHL team.

Kodi said...

Since Warg is a signed player I would be highly surprised if he is back in the WHL next season and not on a ECHL/AHL team.

Thunnex said...

Well yeah, obviously I do realize that Warg would be a "two spotter" next season. From the Tbirds point of view, I don't think it would matter that much. Jahraus is unlikely to be here next season and I don't think they would mind having Warg back even if he took two spots.

Also... obviously he "could" go to the ECHL or the AHL but that was also true with Greg Scott and he came back to Seattle. If the Ducks think he has a better shot being a top 2 pair guy in Seattle and wouldn't see as much ice time in the A or the E... not unrealistic to think he "might" be back.

Grover Cleveland said...

I'm new to the whl. Can someone explain how the overage and import spot rules work?

Thunnex said...


Each WHL team is allowed a maximum of 2 "Import" spots on their roster.

Each team is also allowed to carry a maximum of 3 players who are classified at "20 years old" or you'll often see termed Over Age or Over Ager... etc.

In some situations of injury a team can carry more than 3 but so long as nobody is hurt they are only allowed to carry 3.

A player's age is define by the year in which he was born. So a player born in 1989 was a 20 year old for this season.

This is why you see a lot of the drafted players having birthdates in the first 3 or 4 months of the season. Imagine the advantage having a "16" year old player who turns 17 on January 1st of the following year as opposed to a "16" year old who turns 16 on December 31st of the year. Both are considered the same age, when in reality one is 355 days older.

Charles said...

Here we go again. I guess the organization liked the idea of bringing back the fewest goals in the league. It sure worked out nicely this year. Where is the offense coming from next year? I am certainly not saying that Parker is a world talent but he could be counted on for 20 plus with an upside from there. I feel so sorry for Pickard, the minute he gives up the third goal of the game the shot of him getting the "W" is almost totally diminished. Lets not bring in a goal scorer, lets trade one of the very few we have. Makes absolutely zero sense at this point to me. One has to hope that there is a grander plan in the making.

Thunnex said...

I agree. I do feel bad for Pickard. This team is probably going to really struggle to score goals the rest of the season and Pickard deserves better. I said it before and I'll say it again, I think Canada wins last night with him in net and I think he is the best goaltender in the league right now at 17, which is crazy... but not if you have seen him play.

I think we all hope there is a more grand plan in the works here. Yes Parker provided some scoring, I agree... but he also provided some trade value and my feeling is the Tbirds probably got a pretty good player in return who is a year younger.

Bad for this season, good for next, even better for the year after.

Chris said...

Apparantly Parker hasn't scored a goal in over a month so, since November he has as many goals as Tutt, who hasn't played since November it seems. Parker's +/- is third worst on the team to Muth and Jacobs, two 16 yr olds. So I'm not sure where all this "woe is us we are losing our offense" comes from. Hopefully Silvester is back soon.

Charles said...

Parker was on pace for a 22-25 goal season. He had scored 30 goals in just over 100 games for this franchise. He most assuredly will be back in the league next. I think it is a fair assumption that he improves on that toatl next year. Who has shown anything close to those kind of numbers for next year? As much as I like Sena and his game (maybe most improved nonimee) I just don't see 25-30 goals from him. Best case, lets assume that he does reach that level, who else is a proven scorer next year. I do not care how good your goalie and "D" are you are not going to be much of a threat returning the lack of offense that I see returning. I want this team to succeed as much or more than anyone and not trying to be a nay sayer but it is very hard to look at the roster and numbers and come to a different conclusion. I truly hope there are more moves to come from an offensive standpoint. If not we are in for more of the same next year.

Chris said...

And how do you know Parker hasn't plateaud as a player? Maybe he's not going to be more than he is right now. A month with out scoring is a lot of hockey without a goal for a supposed goal scorer. He's on the 2nd PP unit and only has 2 PP goals this season. Besides this team is being built for the 2011-12 season, not next year. Look at all the 17-18 yr olds they are obtaining. Then throw in Jacobs, Alos, Troock and Elliot. Looks like a 2 yr building process.

tbird117 said...

Yeah I have to agree with Chris here, this team isn't really losing a lot of offense. Parker showed the ability to score when he was paired with proven WHL players like Rai and Scott. But when it came to playing with less developed players he wasn't showing much of anything.

I do have to disagree with Charles on the comment of it doesn't matter how good your D or Goalie are.... Our forwards spend a lot of time in our own end trying to clear the puck to bail out our d-men. When we do finally start to break up ice a lot of the time it is at the end of a shift. Getting defensemen that can move the puck up ice makes a HUGE difference for helping the forwards. Look no farther than Thomas Hickey. I'm not saying that we have any real offensive weapons but if your forwards aren't worn out in there own end it certainly could help them be more efficent scorers. Just a thought. But I think this deal will work out for the T-birds.

Charles said...

With Hickey in his WHL prime the team accomplished exactly what?? Consecutive years of 3rd place finsih in the U.S. division. Believe me, this is not to slam one of the very best players to put on the Seattle sweater but in the WHL you have to be able to at pot a few every nite. I just don't see where this will come from. I so hope I am wrong on this but, somewhere, somehow, sometime we have to get some offense. Until we do, wins will be few and far between.

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