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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I'm back....

Seattle earns a point last night on the road against the Americans. The Tbirds have played the Americans very tough this year despite Tri-City being the top team in the Western Conference.

I didn't see or hear much of the game but it sounded like a good effort by the team to earn a point.

I'm back from vacation and ready for the stretch run. To kick off the stretch run... let's try doing my first ever live chat tomorrow night for Seattle at Tri, part II this week.

I'll be watching the game and doing live chat providing comments. We'll see how many people want to show up to heckle or chat about the game with me... might be 5 might be 50, I guess we'll find out.

To chris... yeah that is a very good idea but I will probably save that for the beginning of next season.

I don't really expect Seattle to make the playoffs.... but I actually do expect that they will play a little bit better to finish out the season with the new players that were acquired. So we'll see what happens.

1 comment :

stbird said...

I didn't watch the game but, I did listen to it. The one thing that really stuck out to me was that tri had I think like 28 shots on goal. Have we had a game all year where a team had less than 30 shots against us? Hopefully that contributes to our D playing smarter hockey in our own zone. Too bad we only got one point, with Kamloops beating Portland last night.

Go Birds.

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