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Hockey Challenge 2014

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USA Wins Gold

As a hockey fan and a fan of a team and league whose players are probably 95% from Canada, I have a certain affection and appreciation for the country to the north.... but there is nothing like watching the good old USA knock them off in their own building to win their first Gold in 6 years.

It wasn't on the level as the Miracle on Ice (what am I, stupid? ok don't answer that) but wow that sure was fun last night.

I admit, when the boys in Red tied the game at 5-5 last night I was frustrated, angry and depressed (as much as you can be about a hockey game). The game was over. Canada winning in overtime seemed nothing more than a matter of time.

And then, just like that, the Americans scored... I was almost too shocked to believe it.

I hate to team Team Canada, but they win that game with Pickard in net. Oh well, Pickard can start his two year run at the WJC next year.

Trade deadline post coming up later this morning.

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