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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Warg on his way to Prince Albert

General Manager Russ Farwell makes another move today with Stefan Warg headed to Prince Albert for 16 year old midget defenseman Austin Frank and a 5th round bantam pick... which is probably just the pick that Seattle sent to Prince Albert with the Jon Parker deal. Frank was himself a 5th round pick of the Raiders in the 2008 bantam draft.

I can't say I'm shocked by this... but perhaps a bit surprised. Though it is unusual and at best probably a 50/50 chance... I thought Warg had a shot at being back in Seattle next season and that obviously wasn't in the cards.

Prince Albert was thought to have really good depth on defense... the reason why Aasman was a player they were willing to move. So the fact that Frank wasn't with the club and had been sent back to his midget team doesn't necessarily mean he couldn't be a quality player. Looked to me like Seattle dressed 7 defensemen last night... someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

Looks like some trades are still coming in... but overall it looks like Seattle was one of the more active teams and there really hasn't been much in the way of "blockbuster" moves outside of Calgary loading up with some Kamloops players.


Jon said...

yep, Birds suit 7, play Fleming everywhere but net. Hopefully the Warg deal gets Fleming on the blue line the rest of the way.

Marc74 said...

Wow, going to have to buy a program to know who is playing for the T-birds now.

I have a question about the PP, I can't figure out what the T-birds are trying to do on it. They have a right hand shot at the right point and a left hand shot at the left point, forwards at the halfwall on each side and a forward in front of the net. It seems like the defensemen pass the buck back and forth a lot, but can't onetime since they are both on their backhands. They pass the puck to the halfwall and can get a one timer when it is passed back to the near point, but they can't pass to the farpoint because that would be to that defenseman's backhand, likewise the far point defenseman can't cut to the net because he would be on his back hand. It seems to me that if you flip the point defensemen a lot more opportunities would open up on the power play and it would be a lot more threatening to the PK.

Mike said...

Word is that Warg told Farwell he was going to play in Sweden next season so if he could get something for him he should do it. This makes the trade more sensible.

Question is who are going to ne our 3 20's next season and two euros. It looks like Dillon will be the only 20 and Mike the only euro. Does this make Dillon the captain?

Kodi said...

Getting the C needs to be earned. just because someone is 20 doesn't mean they get it. If I had my choice I would give it to Ramsey!

(well I would give it to Pic's if goalies were allowed to wear it)

After Sena was traded I found it interesting that Saskatoon has 8 19 year old players so I looked up Alan's team by age list and thereappears to be many teams that have a large number of 19's so next year could be fun seeing who we are going to get.

tbird117 said...

Hickey was the captain at 18. I'm not really sure who is deserving I would suppose it should be whomever the players choose. I am actually ok with the trades Farwell pulled out. It's easy to bash the guy when the season is this bad. But before the season started I already knew what I was in for. It's early to tell what kind of players we got in return but what I do know is Rouse has fit in well and we got him for basically a backup goaltender. Parker didn't want to be here and apparently wasn't well liked by some of the locker room, we got a quality player for him that could be a fixture on the backend. Acolotse had requested a trade and we got a guy who looks like he can add some scoring. Nobody wanted to see Sena go but we at least got something good for him. As for Warg I wasn't as big of a fan as some people. We basically got our draft pick back in the Parker trade and a player we can only wait and see on next year. But we did open a euro spot and an overage spot next year for a guy who probably wasn't coming back.... All in all it wasnt a bad trade week for the T-birds it's going to be a tough 2 months of long losing streaks but hopefully next season we start seeing some chemistry and players start to take a step forward.

stbird said...

Seattle G - Kyle Jahraus for Prince George F - Robbie Ciolfi

We can just go with one goalie. Pickard is good enough.

tbird117 said...

Jaharus to Prince George for Robbie Ciolfi. Minor deal but I doubt Jaharus was going to see the ice anymore this season anyways.

Unknown said...

All in all, the tbirds did pretty well with all the trades they made ( assuming we are done), I'm disappointed about warg though and I think it ends up hurting us next year. We pretty much traded away are leadership for next year. One thing to think about, did the birds maybe have other trades lined up until kamloops traded away everyone, now the birds are looking to get to that 8th spot for the playoffs??? You would think that wouldn't be the case but I thought they would trade away prab to get even younger. I was really impressed with gallimore last night, him and silvester looked real good together. As for next year, what about wells as captain? He seems to be pretty vocal out there, and seems to be a pretty good leader out there, don't know what he's like off the ice, but I just can't see dillon as our captain next season. Next season is going to be intesting with only one returning 19 year old (dillon) one euro opening ( does anyone know what pick we will have in the import draft?) And a lot of young players. I hope we can pick up atleast 20 year old that is a proven scorer. But we can talk about that later.

tbird117 said...

I am curious to see the disciplinary reasons of why Ciolfi was sent home from Prince George. Seemed for a younger guy he played ok for a bad team.

Kodi said...

This is what I found using the google

Forward Robbie Ciolfi is no longer with the Cougars. He has been sent home to Lethbridge for violating team rules relating to education. The Cougars are attempting to trade him.
In 25 games, the 18-year-old Ciolfi had four goals and 10 points. In 30 games last season, he managed just two assists.

Unknown said...

Kodi: Goaltenders can wear the "C", as evidenced by Roberto Luongo being named Captain of the Canucks this off season.

Kodi said...

That is partially true. He is the captain of the team but can not act as captain on the ice.

NHL Rule 14D states that “[n]o playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain.”

Unknown said...

Ah, fair enough.

On topic, I really don't see Dillon being the Captain next year, but probably an "A", and I would give the "C" to Wells, no question.

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