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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Roster Reconstruction - Dream Edition

Ok... so I've been pretty quiet lately. Mostly because I haven't been able to catch much in the way of Tbirds hockey. What I have seen is a team that is now playing hard together as a unit. I'm sure there is a certain level of frustration associated with the one goal losses, but the team is playing hard and when you play hard eventually the wins and losses will take care of themselves.

Notice I did say eventually... and that may not happen until next season, or the second half of next season or even 2011. I really hope it doesn't take that long, but of course the team needs to combine effort with skill and size and those are two things Seattle doesn't have a ton of right now.

That doesn't mean we don't have players with potential, it just means that those raw skills aren't quite ready to win games consistently in this league. Over the summer, a lot of players take giant leaps forward and most players make some kind of improvement... either in their skating, their size, their strength or possibly all three. By this time next year, I really expect that this group of players will have improved a lot and be in the playoff race.

With the news of Jacob Fallon... I had this idea that maybe we should reconstruct what this roster looks like and what it "could" look like next season if some players like Fallon were to come over. These are my best guesses because I obviously don't have access to our "list" of players.

Players will be listed by their age for next season.


Calvin Pickard (18)
Michael Salmon (18)
Jared D'Amico (16)
Dan Kowalski (16)


Brenden Silvester (19)
Robbie Ciolfi (19)
Charles Wells (19)
Burke Gallimore (19)
Brennan Tutt (18)
Mikhail Sentyurin (18)
Brendan Rouse (18)
Luke Lockhart (18)
Chance Lund (18)
Jacob Fallon (18)
Jason Zucker (18)*
Tyler Alos (17)
Colin Jacobs (17)
Mitch Elliot(t) (17)
Connor Sanvido (17)
Jacob Doty (17)
Seth Ambroz (17)*
Joey Baker (17)
Gus Correale (17)
Jordan Salahor (17)
Brandon Troock (16)
Stefan Burzan (16)
Justin Hickman (16)
Jetlan Houcher (16)
Jayson Ness (16)
Kyle Horsman (16)
Patrick D'Amico (16)
Alex Kerfoot (16)
Jeffrey Kennedy (16)


Brendan Dillon (20)
Scott Ramsay (19)
Erik Bonsor (19)
Ryan Aasman (18)
Erik Fleming (18)
Jared Crema (18)
Austin Frank (17)
Tanner Muth (17)
Zach Walker (17)
Evan Wardley (16)
John Dora (16)

You'll immediately notice a few things here. One... our depth at forward is potentially huge but I've included a couple of kids who may not ever have a chance of coming here.

That list has 29 forwards against only 11 defensemen to go with 4 goaltenders.

Can we dream for just a minute. Let's just say that Jacob Fallon comes here. Maybe that opens the flood gates to bring Seth Ambroz and Jason Zucker in as well.

Let's just for a second pretend that happens.

You could potentially carry 14 forwards that look like this:


Oops... you'll notice that is 15 skaters (on purpose) and you'll notice that doesn't even include Tutt, Sentyurin or Doty... or Baker... or Burzan... or anyone else.

The point is, this roster might get very hard to crack if those kids come to Seattle and it will create this incredible atmosphere where kids are really going to have to work hard and play well to keep their spot, especially if they are 16-18 years old.

Plus... you'll notice that Seattle only has one 20 year old slated for the roster next season and it is quite possible that 1 or perhaps 2 O/A players will be brought in, making the roster even tougher to crack.

The fact is that Fallon, Ambroz and Zucker are probably still unlikely to be here with Fallon perhaps having the best chance considering the latest developments.

Now let's look at the defense. The depth really isn't there and the defense might be a concern going forward.

Dillon back as a 20 year old doesn't seem like a sure thing, but when you consider the lack of defensive depth he will probably be back. I don't really hide my level of respect for Scott Ramsay and clearly next season is make or break for Erik Bonsor if he wants to prove he should have a spot on the team as a 20 year old in two years.

Austin Frank probably makes it next season as well.

Aasman, Fleming and Muth give you a pretty decent trio of young D-Men and Zach Walker is a pretty sure bet to make this team next year. I honestly don't know if Seattle still has Jared Crema listed so he might not really factor in here at all. Evan Wardley and John Dora... well you are officially on notice that there is a roster spot to be had for probably at least one of you and perhaps both if you impress in training camp next year.

Goaltending... well not much to discuss here, Pickard is the starter and it will be up to Salmon to prove he should remain his backup over the two young kids coming in.

Seattle also has at least one import slot and at least 2 O/A spots next season and it isn't a sure bet that Sentyurin will return, so you might have two import picks.

Understand of course that Fallon, Zucker and Ambroz may never set foot in Seattle to play for the TBirds but the possibility has me thinking about how good this roster could look just 12 months from now.


Unknown said...


Awesome post man, this is exactly what I've been wanting to read, it gives me excitment to think what could possibly be for next year, especially after what's been going on this year. Its also kind of why I asked about the 19 year olds that could possibly end up spending there last season as a bird. It would of been a good read after what you just wrote, but I also understand why you wanted to wait till next year. I would love to get a 20 year scoring threat and a 20 year old defender who could run the point on the power play. As for the euro spot, I would love another scorer. One question to you is do you see the birds trading some of these 16 17 year old players who probably won't make the roster do to depth, and bringing in like an 18, 19 year old proven player (hopefully a stud defender)? I agree, we have a lot of depth up front, especially if any of the us kids come here. This is what I would like to see, or somewhat close to what I want to happen.

wells rouse gallimore
Silvester jacobs proven 20 year scorer
Fallon sanvido sentyurin
Elliot alos lund/tutt/ doty

Ramsey proven 20 year defender
Muth aasman
Dillon walker/fleming/frank/dora

Whoever doesn't really want to play much

Its nice to have a lot of depth.... when's the next live chat game

Thunnex said...

I think it depends on where they are at around this time next year. If they are in the 5th seed and up neighborhood, you could definitely trade some younger players that don't factor into your future for a few more pieces for either next year or 2011.

Next chat... umm maybe Friday or Saturday next week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments about Evan Wardley. I am sure he will be a great addition to the team. I believe he has the determination to become a great Thunderbird, who is aspiring to have an NHL career.
We have also noticed that he is a good leader and has just won the trophy for Most Vauable Defenseman in the Alberta MMHL for 2009-10

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