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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Jahraus gets to play...

One last move by Seattle today at the deadline, sending backup goaltender Kyle Jahraus to Prince George in exchange for 18 year old Center Robbie Ciolfi.

Ciolfi was dismissed from the team earlier in the year for "education reasons". This is still a really good trade by Farwell for a number of reason... though let me first say that I was totally wrong on Jahraus... I really thought he would stay here in his backup role and instead he will get to go to Prince George and get a lot more playing time and might even become their number 1 goaltender.

As a college baseball player who did not get to play very much I can tell you how difficult it is to be a good teammate and sit on the bench while others get to play and you only get to labor through practices... So I feel great for Jahraus that he might get to play out the rest of his 19 year old season, even if it is up in PG.

For Seattle... it is a no lose trade. if Ciolfi doesn't work out... well you only gave up your backup goaltender who rarely played and if he does work out... you gave up your backup goaltender who rarely played.

If I were to hand out a grade for Farwell at the deadline... I'm giving a solid B+. I'd give him a higher grade but for the fact that the goal was pretty simple... sell your best assets to build for the next couple of years and he did that.

In addition... you kept a player like Charles Wells who could be a really great player if he has the desire to take his game to the "next" level.

You got younger... and I'm honestly not sure you got a lot worse... well done.

I have no idea who is coming to Seattle right away and who isn't I will try to figure that out in the next few days as I get home.

I'm excited to come home this week to take a look at some of these new players.


Mike said...

I think Russ did a good job of stacking up for the future while not totally giving up on now.

Also Ciolfi and Salmon are on their way..the 16 yo we got for Warg will not be here this season as far as I know.

Mr Tell13 said...

i think this was a interesting trade season for the t-birds. My guess is that they want a shot at the playoffs (by not trading any 20's)but still managed to get some options for next year (the hunt for 20's is going to be interesting)

I also read somewhere that Warg actually asked for a trade and I think this is extremelly conmmendable and professional. I might not have been a huge fan of is play but I got a lot of respect for a guy can handle things like that, compared to some other players.

kentfan4 said...

Can someone tell me if the number of trades we have seen this year is normal?? I am having a hard time following who is on the ice! I understand the concept that they are building, but I don't like seeing 1/2 the roster change-over year-to-year -- is this an exception??

birdieboy said...

Here is the bottom line. Gallimore has at huge upside as far as being a top 3 scorer on the team next year, he will be a first liner. Aasman has been talked about as having a huge offensive upside, he can take the puck up ice and can also run the PP. Ciolfi looks to be a solid player as well given consistant ice time. I think the gem of this bunch is Austin Frank. At 15 he was 6'4" and 180. Here is a quote from the P.A. front office, "He's a big, raw-boned kid who hasn't started shaving yet," O'Brien said. "It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this guy ends up six-foot-six. I last saw him play at the end of February and I was really pleased with him. For a kid that's that big that young, he's mobile. He can skate and he has a pretty good set of hands for a big, lumbering guy."

Im really excited to see what these guys can do next season.

By the way... I think this sets you up for Wells to wear the "C" next season.

tbird117 said...

It's going to be a rough end to the season I'm hoping by the end of the season we have a better feeling going into next year. Last year Portland was not good but you saw the young players coming together and played really well even having a statement game against us at the end of last year. This year we all knew they were going to take off. That's what I hope to see from this team as the year ends I can take the losses I expect that. I just want them to make the games competitive and show some chemistry.... The offseason should be interesting as well with only 1 - 20 year old and 1 Euro spot open. I'm not even sure Dillon is guaranteed a spot back as a 20 next year. A lot of teams are stacked with talented 19's this year that are going to be looking for a home next year.

Unknown said...

This is a bit of an aside - not sure if anyone noticed but Pickard is ranked #1 by CSB for North American draft-eligible goaltenders at the mid-season ranking:

Not bad company.

Unknown said...

Hey tyler. You should probably do a post on all the 19 year olds that will be availible or could be available for next season, I was reading somewhere that there are some teams with eleven 19 yr olds, I think saskatoon and brandon, and a couple with nine 19 yr olds. I cannot remember where I read it, but realizing the rest of the season is going to me long with little fun, it will be nice to kind of look ahead to the future. What do you think about doing a post???

Also, gallimore is going to be a good one. He's a really good skater and is very strong with the puck. I think once he gets use to playing with the rest of the boys, he's really going to take off.

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