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Hockey Challenge 2014

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A new start

Picture on left was taken yesterday.  Picture on right I took this morning.
See the difference.  Yesterday, stormy, windy, rainy, and cold. Today, clear, sunny, dry, no wind, cold.  Ok, couldn't get all of them.
First, yesterdays game. Strong start, followed by two periods of unmotivated play.  call it no confidence, or what ever you want to.  I call it not winning the battles, not fighting every inch of the ice.  Too many times, puck into corner, and a royal comes out.
But the good news is that just like the weather, the Birds can leave Victoria on a good note.
Go out tonight, work as hard as you can, then work harder.  work like you are going to have to swim back to Seattle, uphill, both ways, in your gear, if you don't work hard.  Notice I didn't say WIN (but a win would go a very long way).  develope confidence, get shots and scoring chances.  But most of all, show that you care about playing.

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