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Hockey Challenge 2014

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No Shea Theodore in the Subway SuperSeries

This is some old news, but I wanted to put it up anyway.

The Subway SuperSeries is coming up next week in Red Deer and Lethbridge.
In case you are not aware, this is a set of games against Team Russia.

Team Russia plays 6 games, 2 each against QMJHL, OHL, and WHL) and it is used as a tune up for the World Juniors over Christmas.

When the roster was announced a couple weeks ago, I noticed Shea Theodore was not participating.
This came as a big suprise to me, as I personally think he is one of the best defenders in the entire WHL.

I asked GM Russ Farwell for some thoughts on this and he provided me the following paraphrased comment.

"They are only taking players that are candidates to play at the World Junior Championships. They felt they had enough offensively focused guys. The defenseman they have invited are trying out for the “shutdown/defensive roles” and Shea is not a candidate for that role."

Looking at the roster of defensemen participating in the games

1994 players
2 Ryan Pulock
7 Damon Severson
8 Griffin Reinhart
51 Derrick Pouliot

1995 players
2 Dillon Heatherington
4 Madison Bowey
10 Josh Morrissey

Even I have to admit that is a nice list of players, and the older players do have the style of Theodore.

Since this is being used as a chance to look at World Junior players, remember that team Canada has to look at players from other leagues, and will probably only keep 8, so that is some serious competition.

Russ also said

"Shea is getting some attention but is not considered a candidate for this year and he should aim to keep improving his overall game so he can be considered next year."

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