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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Victoria - Friday Night Thread

Seattle tries to get off the mat tonight in Victoria.  Will things continue or will they shake this slump?


Anonymous said...

Better play and a point but still lost. I want to know where is our scoring ? Where is Delonov, Lippy, Trook(I know he scored tonight). Portland had young guys like Gropp and Barzal a few years back, they scored every now and then, how come our guys can't?Is the Seattle franchise cursed? I don't understand? Maybe go back to the Totems name or even Breakers!!!I'm done, another glass of wine!!

Anonymous said...

Back to lack of shots on goal. Quality shots are needed but still shots are needed.

Ronny said...

>>> Is the Seattle franchise cursed?

No. It's not cursed. Seattle doesn't have the right culture, and until they do, they won't win with any consistancy.

We neeed a winning culture - a CULTURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Currently, we have a CULTURE OF ENTITLEMENT and have given the keys to the franchise to an inexperienced 16 year old who doesn't have a clue what winning in the WHL is all about.

That's a big problem.

Jeff said...

When I go and watch the t-birds play it seems like they are consistently out shot 8-1 early in the game, by about the end of the game it seems like they usually have about half of the shots that the other team has, maybe be a few more than half. Is it that they have really bad aim? Or is it that they play really bad defense and let the other team shoot
point blank too often? Just wondering what you thought?

Anonymous said...

they dont have a winning culture but they started out winning eleven games and only had three regulation losses. they lose five in a row and apparently its all one players fault. ronny do you even go to the games???? i know you use to be a coach and a player, a trainer, a gm and whatever else you use to be, but in what sense has barzal been given the "keys" to the franchise? because he was a number one pick and along with being a number one pick comes hype. i will agree there is something wrong with the franchise, especially with some of the choices that have been made ie: keeping elliot over benoit. but who knows, none of us are behind the scene and knows whats actually happens. but in no way is this because of one player. how come ronny you dont talk about how poor there defense is? or how a 20 year old that has proven one thing (he can fight) gets the ice time he gets. so since hes 20 and barzal is 16 we should for sure give elliot more time. thats the dumbest thing ever. i will ask you since you know so much, wouldnt the smart thing to do with an elite 16 year old is to play him with your other elite players? isnt that what hes doing? i see him on lines with trook, delnov, lippy, hicks, yak, and others. i guess since hes 16 he should just rot away on the bench or on a 4th line getting little ice time. this franchise cant afford that and it doesnt have the players (like portland did) to have an elite player not playing minutes. as an old coach, player, gm, or whatever you should know that.

Grover Cleveland said...

They were looking pass instead of shot and nobody went hard to goal all night. Can't score if you don't shoot. Can't get any rebounds or nice passes if you don't go to goal. Barzal, Troock and Delnov can sure handle the puck while they wait to force a pass though.

Jon said...

Those three guys may be able to stickhandle the puck while waiting, but almost all the time, it was taking the puck harddown the side boards, and being forced to a shot go from a terrible angle.

Ronny said...

Anonymous 8:38 ... "they dont have a winning culture but they started out winning eleven games and only had three regulation losses. "

Yes, LOL. 14 games does not a "culture" make. A winning culture is installed from the front office and on out to the ice, includes billets, trainers, staff ... hell, even the zamboni guy. We had pheoniminal trainers. The stitching on the garments had to be flawless. Their philosophy was, "how can we ask these kids to go on the ice and give it their all in a jersey that had shoddy stitching". They were right! When you are building a champion everything and everyone matters. Everyone strives for excellence. Everyone is accountable. Everyone pays a price. The Thunderbirds have been a train wreck for years ... do you honestly think they fix it in 14 games? Especially when those 14 games are TAINTED with an entitlement cancer. Yes, you heard right - I said cancer. I am not saying Barzal the player is a cancer. What I am saying is how we are handling him is a cancer on our team. We aren't doing him or the team any favors by rushing him along.

"they lose five in a row and apparently its all one players fault."

They have lost 5 in a row ... so far. That said, it isn't Barzals fault at all. I never said it was. It is the fault of the coaches and management and how they have handled him. Hey, he's going to do what they let him do. He's a 16 year old kid. He really has no fault in it. It's the coaches and management who *SHOULD* know better, but they have blinded by their own investment and are impatient to see dividends. Proper DEVELOPMENT is a pursuit for the patient.

"ronny do you even go to the games"

I go to all the games son. The difference is, I know what I'm looking at.

because he was a number one pick and along with being a number one pick comes hype

Yes, we certainly saw that in Prince George. So tell me, how did Calgary manage to avoid the hype downfall with Jake Virtanen? They heard the hype, but the calgary management didn't buy it and they didn't sell it. They took their 16 year old prospect and they took their responsibility to him and the team seriously and they DEVELOPED him properly, as highly touted 16 year old rookies should be brought along. Slowly.

but in no way is this because of one player.

Hey, I didn't say it was because of a player. I've been saying ... repeatedly ... it's because of our CULTURE, which is not the proper culture. It is a CULTURE OF ENTITLEMENT and the poster boy for that culture is a 16 year old rookie who had been adorned as the savior and leap frogged the veterans without ever stepping foot on WHL ice. That sends a bad message. That's not the only problem in Seattle, but that's going to be the root of a lot of it right now. We need to get the proper culture installed or we won't win - regardless of how many "can't miss" prospects we bring in.

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