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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Everett Game Thread

Seattle hits the road to Everett tonight for the first of 12 meetings between the bitter I-5 rivals.


Anonymous said...

Disgusting effort. No power play. No offense. Can't get the puck out of their end. Other than that, great game.
Who ever rated this team in the top 10 of all junior teams needs to go back to hitting the bong.

Good thing they dropped Sanvido as a 20 year old and kept what they have. (Sanvido +13 and 20 points).

Anonymous said...

It's just one weekend. The team can and has bounced back before. Is this team a top 10 ten team? No. Can this team compete and make the playoffs with a winning record. Sure.

However, I can see where people are settling into the old mode. The low number of shots on goal is becoming a concern and they are resembling past teams. Positive thinking.

Anonymous said...

We know that this team has talent, I think the mental part of the game is a big part of it with this team. The 20 yo's need to also step up and lead also both verbally and on the ice. I will have to admit after this weekend it really surprised me of the poor play and no jump in either games.

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