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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Kelowna - Game Thread

Seattle stopped the bleeding over the weekend getting 3 out of 4 possible points in Victoria and now face the red-hot Kelowna Rockets.

This will be the second time in a month that Seattle will be hosting a team coming into the game with at least an 8 game winning streak. Portland came into town riding a 9 game winning streak on November 1st and started the Tbirds 6 game losing streak.

I'm posting a game thread but don't forget to check out Jon's post below.


Anonymous said...

Gotta say, Lippy's hit looked pretty clean to me. But an unfortunate result either way. Best wishes to Wheaton.

Dean said...

wow...what just happened? This isn't the normal site! Good looking so far.

Anonymous said...

So the hit on Wheaton. Where I sat and what I saw it looked like a clean hit but I just read Regan's post and he has the completely opposite opinion. Is this simply a case of TBird lens vs Rockets lens? Glad to hear he was able to head with the team on the bus, can't imagine that was very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Give the rockets credit last night they just never quit,they were down 2 zip in the shoot out and come back to win it. Same with the playoff series last year down 3 zip and come back. Great game last night other than the injury incident.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything at all about when Honey will be back? I've always liked the energy he brings to the team.

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