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Response to a comment "Anonymous" made on November 17, 2013 at 12:31 PM

Now that I am back from Victoria, I have been catching up reading through all the fun comments to each post.  Then I get to the comment the title of this post is all about

"Speaking of having pride in your work, calling someone out for poor writing skills in the comments section is quite disingenuous considering what you allow Jon to write. He couldn't even be bothered to spell Wardley's name correctly three times the other day. He often has errors in his writing, yet no one has enough pride to edit his entries. He doesn't nor does the blog's owner."

Nice poke at me.  Nice low blow.  Way to tell the truth.  Way to make personal.

This is going to come across as a pity post, but I really don't care.

I graduated from high school with straight A's in computer, math, and science, and with straight D's and F's in reading and writing.  When I graduated, I was testing at a 9th grade reading level, and an 8th grade writing level.  I had to have an editor / tutor most of high school just to help me write papers, all the while I was tutoring other students in math areas.  In elementary school when they had spelling charts on the walls, and all the students got little gold and silver stars next on their lines, mine was blank.  On my SAT's I scored a 1150 (out of 1600).  790 of that (out of 800) was math.  So anyone should be able to come up with 360 (out of 800) I got on the Language part.  And yes, just to answer all the smart ass statements I have received throughout the years, you do get 300 just putting your name down.

Believe me, I edit my posts before I make them.  In fact, I usually read them twice.  It sounds and reads good (or is that well, sorry if I got that wrong) to me.  I'm sorry if it is not perfect, contains errors, doesn't sound right, or is not at a level that you expect.  I'm sorry if I am missing a comma, semi-colon, or spell someone's name wrong.  I'm really sorry that I have to look up what "disingenuous" even means (and yes, I have to cut and and paste it into BING.COM, because there is no way I could just spell it).

If you want well written newspaper quality reporting, feel free to read the stuff.  Oh yeah, you CAN leave comments on there also, but no one does.  Or how about reading the Thunderbirds actual website articles, which you CAN leave comments on also, but no one ever does.  Or better yet, just don't read the articles written by me (and to help you figure that out, look for the "POSTED BY JON" at the bottom of them.

But DONT EVER, EVER, EVER say I dont take PRIDE in my writing.


Anonymous said...

living in a glass house is fine, but then why throw stones ... ??? the comment was addressing the hypocrisy of ridiculing the spelling of the others when your own needs work

Thunnex said...

Actually Jon wasn't involved in that at all. That was me and I was making a point of saying that if people are going to throw big words out in an attempt to enhance their argument, they should use them properly.

Anonymous said...

He did use the word properly. He only mis-spelled it, and instead of addressing the proper argument, you chose instead to focus on the spelling of the word.

The poster this article refers to , was pointing out the hypocrisy in the attack, as the blog itself frequently features articles where words are mis-spelled or as you now characterize "used properly"

Erica said...

To Jon's point about people not commenting on the Tbirds stuff or MyNorthwest articles - it's because they would never get a response. And that's what people who post comments anonymously want...a reaction.

Frankly, I'm shocked that Tyler allows some of the comments he does and doesn't moderate more. At this point, it's got to be more trouble than it's worth to have a blog that allows this kind of discussion - at least on Twitter you can block people.

Thunnex said...

I'm an extremely magnanimous ruler. :)

Seriously though, I'm going to have to crack down. Things have gotten a bit out of control lately.

Anonymous said...

Tyler and Jon,

What are your feelings on the goalies at the moment? Do you think Mumaugh has done enough to make himself the every day guy? I didn't think Myles played that terrible.

Thunnex said...

I think we will continue to see a "job share" but I think Mumaugh has played well recently and I think Coach is going to ride the "hot hand" a little bit. I think that's the right move.

If Mumaugh has a bad game, I think you'll see Myles get back in there again.

This isn't going to be a Pickard type situation where they ride one goalie in 85% of the games.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Victoria games this weekend. Mumaugh was one save away from having a 1GA weekend.

The first goal Friday night went off his glove. If it hadn’t gone in, there wouldn’t have been OT and no opportunity for a second goal (the OT winner that was the only solid goal of the three he gave up over the weekend).

The goal Saturday night was a fluky goal that shouldn’t have happened, but did.

Tyler I’m interested on your opinion on the following; from a fans view Mumaugh appears to scramble around the net more than Myles. However he appears to position himself so he’s not screened from the puck, whereas Myles seems to get screened more often. Mumaugh’s puck control off of a save also seems to be better, that he uses his pads better then Myles to direct the puck out to the corners where it can be picked up by a defenseman or a center playing deep in the zone.

I don’t see Mumaugh getting 85% of the starts like Pickard, but I don’t think 2 out of 3, or even 3 out of 4 would be unreasonable if he keeps playing the way he has been.

Thunnex said...

They most certainly have two very distinct styles.

Mumaugh, I believe, is the more athletic of the two and is more of a reactive goaltender. He has an excellent glove hand and he's very aggressive in his movements.

Myles is a more technical goaltender and his movements are much more efficient.

Both can be effective and a truly elite goaltender has the ability to combine aspects of both.

I think you'll see Mumaugh get a few extra starts here and there but I think Myles is just having a rough patch. I could see Mumaugh getting roughly 6 of 10 starts going forward. For him to see more than that, Myles would have to continue to struggle.

Anonymous said...

When Mumaugh flashes the glove it reminds me a lot of Pickard. He has some of that same confidence. Obviously he has some more work to do to put himself in the same category though :)

Kodi said...

Pickard wasn't getting 85% it was more like 95%. I think playing Picks so much didn't allow us to truly develop a goaltender behind him which has kind of gotten us in the mess that we are in now.

Right now we should have a 19-20 year everyday starter getting 60% - 70% of the starts and Danny should be getting the rest to prepare him to take over.

Anonymous said...

The difference between this season and last season for Mumaugh is like night and day as far as I can see. I think the scrappy style he plays makes it a little easier for the fans to take it in stride when he gets scored on too. Myles can suffer from playing so efficiently and so calmly that when he makes a good save it looks too easy, and when he gets scored on it looks like he didn't try. Mumaugh has absolutely earned a spot on tonight's starting lineup though.

Anonymous said...

Actual hockey talk.... What a nice surprise.

The number 1 line is always up for debate. I know Portland always starts the game with Taylor Leier or the checking line. Rattie or Petan rarely started.

As for Ronny ..... The blog is great when we argue and share different opinions but it is NOT enjoyable when you argue just to argue.

Start your own blog is my advice to you.

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

Look out that is how mikey. C got started!

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