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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Lipsberg guilty, but not guilty

Just announced on the twitter line, but in case you miss it.

Lipsbergs checking from behind major penalty has been changed to a double minor and the game misconduct taken away.

No suspended given.

I guess that means the league felt it was still a penalty, but maybe the league reads this blog.


Anonymous said...

Regan Bartel is gonna be pissed. He was suggesting a six or more game suspension. Might want Lippy to be a healthy scratch next time we see Kelowna.

Anonymous said...

How can you change a penalty after the fact?

stbird said...

crickets from all the "it was a dirty hit crowd" Huh. Go Birds!

Thunnex said...

Changing a penalty after the fact really has more to do with future discipline. With previous major penalties Lipsbergs could potentially face stiffer penalties should he get others in the future.

This just corrects that situation.

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see if this leads to anything on January 26th when Kelowna returns for the first rematch since the hit.

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