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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Faceoff Stats from Saturday night's Portland game

Someone mentioned in the comments (sorry, couldn't find the exact one), that Seattle's issue is they cant win faceoffs.  They asked if the league kept stats on this.  To which my answer to the second one was "HaHaHaHaHaHaHa".  But, I also said, I will keep track for this game.

After the break, you will find far too many geeked out stats on the Faceoff's

When I am keeping stat for Root sports, I track faceoff's by player and location of faceoff.
Player numbers are easy to understand.

Location is slightly different.  On a screen, graphically, it is easy to follow, describing it on paper, not so easy.
But basically, in the WHL, there are 9 locations for faceoffs.

So here goes, I will start at the top of the stats, and work my way down.


Seattle was 33 out of 58, for a win percent of 57%.
Portland was 25 out of 58, for a win percent of 43%

By period

Seattle Portland
Period       Won Out Of Percent       Won Out Of Percent
1st       11 16 69%       5 16 31%
2nd       7 17 41%       10 17 59%
3rd       14 22 64%       8 22 36%
OT       1 3 33%       2 3 66%

What is odd if that the 2nd period was probably Seattle's best played period, but their worst in Faceoff's.

Player stats

Seattle     Portland
WonOut OfPercent     WonOut OfPercent
Barzal112055%     Petan72035%
Delnov81553%     De Leo81457%
Eansor91560%     Turgeon51242%
Elliot3475%     De Champlain2729%
McKechnie11100%     Leier1250%
Swenson010%     Bjorkstrand11100%
Troock010%     Schoenborn11100%
Yakubowski11100%     Bittner010%

So you can tell that Seattle basically uses three players, with Elliot mixed in.  Portland uses 4.  The players with 1 or two faceoffs usually are guys that take them after the primary player is tossed out.

Individual Player against player

Barzal6 vs De Leo5     De Leo5 vs Barzal6
Barzal3 vs Petan1     De Leo2 vs Delnov0
Barzal1 vs De Champlain0     De Leo1 vs Eansor0
Barzal1 vs Leier0          
Barzal0 vs Turgeon2     Petan4 vs Eansor8
Barzal0 vs Bjorkstrand1     Petan1 vs Barzal3
          Petan1 vs Delnov1
Delnov6 vs Turgeon3     Petan1 vs Swenson0
Delnov1 vs De Champlain1     Petan0 vs Yakubowski1
Delnov1 vs Petan1          
Delnov0 vs De Leo2     De Champlain1 vs Elliot3
          De Champlain1 vs Delnov1
Eansor8 vs Petan4     De Champlain0 vs Barzal1
Eansor1 vs Turgeon0          
Eansor0 vs De Leo1     Turgeon3 vs Delnov6
Eansor0 vs Leier1     Turgeon2 vs Barzal0
          Turgeon0 vs Eansor1
Elliot3 vs De Champlain1          
          Leier1 vs Eansor0
Yakubowski1 vs Petan0     Leier0 vs Barzal1
McKechnie1 vs Bittner0     Bjorkstrand1 vs Barzal0
Swenson0 vs Petan1     Bittner0 vs McKechnie1
Troock0 vs Schoenborn1     Schoenborn1 vs Troock0

I love this one, because it shows head to head.  The home team always has the advantage in last change, so they can set the match up almost every time.

By Location

Seattle     Portland
LocationWonOut OfPercent     WonOut OfPercent
1     1425%     71258%
2     41136%     31225%
3     11100%     1366%
4     1250%     000%
5     91369%     41321%
6     000%     1250%
7     2333%     010%
8     91275%     71164%
9     51242%     3475%

So a faceoff location for one team is the opposite for the other.  So a faceoff location of Left defensive zone(location 1) for Seattle is a Right offensive zone (location 9) for Portland.

So it looks like from the table that if a team could choose it's best location, they both would want an offensive zone faceoff on the left side (location 8).


For this one game, both teams were very close to each other in faceoffs, with Seattle slightly better.  And amazingly enough, the scoreboard was the same.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Why don't you do this every game!? :) And while you're at it, can you start tracking Corsi and Fenwick ratings for each player...that would be cool to see. ( case it wasn't obvious, just kidding, did really like seeing the faceoff stats though)

Anonymous said...

Clearly shows the matchups well in the chart showing individual stats. Eansor is the one Coach K is counting on to both win the faceoff against the top line and also shut them down if he doesn't.

He has certainly been rising to that opportunity.

Jon said...

When I do the ROOT sports stats, I can almost get the Corsi and Fenwick ratings. Not on a player basis, but a team basis, since I dont keep track of what each player does.

I will be doing Faceoffs again, and will have them for sure for a ROOT game.

Jon said...

I will have a post tomorrow with another interesting stat I kept. Plug, Plug

Anonymous said...

But, how did they do in faceoff's during the losing streak.
You, may have proved my point. They won the majority of faceoff's in a game they won.

Jon said...

Obviously I cant answer the stats during the losing streak. But I would guess you are right about losing a lot during the streak.

Mr Tell13 said...

Its very interesting, but in my opinion, one very important level of data is mnissing. The in game situation of the faceoff. (5 on 5, PP, PK , 4 on 4)

Let me explain: (note....I was not at the game, so its purely from scoresheet and game summary info)
Barzal took 5 more faceoffs than Delnov and Easnor, which is the number of PP the tbirds had. Barzal being on the 1st PP unit most likely took a majority of the first faceoffs of the PP.

(same thinking is valid for the PK where Easnor is playing a lot)

also it would explain a lot of the matchups in faceoffs. (DeLeo Vs Barzal on a tbird pp and Easnor vs Petan on a Pot PP)

In all I think it goes a bit against your previous post that Easnor was matched up to the Petan line. I think it might seem that way because Portland might roll the 2 top line more often (especially losing ) than the tbirds.
I think the coaches said at one point in a previous year that they try to match up the defense more and just roll their forward line.

The faceoff data does not show that they avoided Barzal vs Petan and the stats showing who is on the ice for each goal does not show that.

That said, Easnor has been a very, very good two way player and the lastest trades will only benefit him in the scoresheet.

Dean said...

Wow we are really geeking it up. Love it! But I seriously doubt, except goals scored off a face off or within a few minutes of a faceoff, without any changeovers really matters.

Dean said...

Love it! We are geeking it up! However, how does one explain the face offs lost or won when a goal is not scored in the ensuing play? If a goal is scored after a face off then I understand the stat, until then it's just a stat that really doesn't matter. I do appreciate the stats but it really doesn't matter unless a goal is scored.

Anonymous said...

You can prevent the opponent from scoring a goal by winning faceoffs as well, especially on the PK.

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