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Hockey Challenge 2014

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In Victoria now

After a not so fun ride on the ferry this morning, a few of us have arrived.  The weather is so great, if you like Scotland.  40 degrees, windy, and pouring.

For me, its guys weekend. That means my two boys and I, no mommy.  Just a little bonding time with my boys.  Thank god they have cheap alcohol up here.

Since our room wasn't ready yet, we walked down to the rink to get our tickets.  lucky for us, it wasn't raining hard when we went.  And even luckier for us, the Birds morning skate was starting.  So we hung out and watched.  Sure hope they learn how to pass by tonight , since they had a hard time finding the tape.  everyone was out there, except Honey, who joined them half way through with the red jersey of doom on.

A little sight-seeing this afternoon, and then to the game.

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