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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Complete Loss for Seattle in Vancouver

Not only did the Tbirds lose tonight 6-1 but might have lost Bud Holloway for at least a short time.

Holloway was helped off the ice by trainer and players after a Charging Major to Garet Hunt in the first period.

The game was tied 1-1 going into the third before 3 straight goals put the game away. Harrison May stepped in to replace DeSerres and gave up 2 more goals on only 7 shots. It probably is not fair to make judgements on a goaltender who has only twice seen action and both times it came in relief but it sure doesn't look like Harrison May is a WHL quality goaltender.

On the plus side... Brad Haber protected his goaltender with a fight and its nice to see a doing that sort of thing.

I didn't have a chance to watch the game on the Internet feed and guys like "Ryland" can probably provide a better summary. I hope we see a full three period effort from Seattle tomorrow night and come away with a few points from Vancouver.

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