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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Portland Recap

Short recap this morning. I'm not sure you really learn much about the team in these games against Portland. We do know that Seattle is NOT a bad team and that Portland is still a ways away from being competitive but they are improving.

Seattle scores 4, lead by 2 from Bud Holloway and Charles Wells picks up his first WHL goal and the Tbirds cruise to a 4-1 victory at home.

Riku Helenius looked good in net again despite not being challenged much. The goal scored against him by Swystun was a beautiful finish and there was nothing he could do about it.

Seattle gets ready to host a big contest against the Americans tonight.

EDIT: I forgot to post my three stars.

1. Prab Rai (how does he not get one in the building with 3 points?)
2. Bud Holloway
3. Charles Wells

In the building...

1. David Richard
2. Bud Holloway
3. Charles Wells

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