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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Portland Recap

I will repeat what I said the last time Seattle played Portland... I'm not sure you learn very much from these games except for the fact that Portland still isn't real good and the Tbirds aren't bad and took care of business.

Nice games from a lot of guys... Greg Scott, 2 and 1. Bud Holloway, 1 and 2. McKenzie with 2 points, Nielsen with 2 points and numerous players with +2 ratings.

Seattle returns home to face the Prince George Cougars tomorrow evening at Key Arena.

Also... check out the additional video from the Spokane television station that Jon provided in the comments below. I think its safe to say that Kyle Beach was not taking a dive in any way shape or form. Beach was simply knocked out cold by a punch that Mike Tyson would have been proud of by Chris Bruton.

I know some people are upset with Bruton getting a 2 game suspension and Beach not getting suspended but honestly Beach did nothing that was "suspendable". I never want to see any of these young men getting hurt and I hope Kyle Beach is ok... but what Beach did was a 2 minute Roughing penalty at worst. In the end... justice was served on the ice Beach should learn to be more careful getting involved in these incidents and will likely miss more games than 2 games (the number Bruton will miss).

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