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Hockey Challenge 2014

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World Junior Article

This is an old article (Dec. 26th) but mentioned Riku at the end of the second page.

I am by no means an NHL Scout or expert... but I can't help wonder about this quote. "Since coming over to North America to play for Seattle of the WHL, Helenius has been good, but hardly dazzling."

I wonder if this opinion is being derived from someone who has actually seen Helenius play, or if they just look at the stats and make a judgement that he has been "good, but hardly dazzling".

At the end of the day... the analysis is probably correct. Riku has been good and not incredible.... but I would also say that at times he has certainly dazzled and that the team defense has been better on nights when Jacob DeSerres has been in net.

Its kind of like saying Leland Irving went from being "incredible" to "average" this season when the reality is its probably a mixture of performance by the goaltender and performance by the defense.

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