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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Post #100 - U17 Update

Post #100 today... we've almost cracked 100 visits twice and I'm hoping to push over that mark today.

Quick update on the three Tbirds (2 and 1 list player) playing in the U17 World Hockey Challenge.

Steve Chaffin, Brendan Silvester and Steve Oursov are playing for Team Pacific (Canada has 5 teams in this thing) who have reached the Semi-Finals and will also play Team USA today. Chaffin has yet to reach the scoresheet and has 4 PIM's while Silvester and Oursov have had a little more success. Silvester is tied for 4th on the team in scoring with 2 goals and 2 assists while Oursov has scored once on a goal where Silvester had the second assist.

All information about the U17's can be found here...

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