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Hockey Challenge 2014

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G.M. Russ Farwell Comments

Earlier this morning I spoke with Tbird General Manager Russ Farwell about the trade climate around the league and what they were looking for at the deadline.

Asked about what they were looking for...

"We would have liked to add a forward to our team but we were not prepared to trade a high draft pick or a good young player to do that." He added... "It was an odd year with not very many forwards available."

Asked about his thoughts on the team going forward the rest of the season...

"We are looking forward to seeing our full team on the ice for the first time since training camp with both Schappert (Jeremy) and Hickey in the lineup at the same time."

About the development of the younger players...

"We believe both (Charles) Wells and (Brenden) Silvester are ready to contribute on a consistent basis and this puts them in the lineup on a regular basis."

This is pretty consistent with what we thought was likely going on with the club. What we didn't specifically know was that there would be a lack of available forwards at the deadline.

1 comment :

Mike said...

Great job Tyler!! I look forward to seeing other interviews in the future.

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