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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Thursday Morning Update

No trade news still... and honestly I wouldn't expect any big trades to go down for Seattle. We might see a minor move for a winger but I wouldn't expect to see any big moves.

I know some fans are clamoring for a trade for more '88 help and that would probably be a decent idea with Riku likely not being around next year there is a spot for an '88. On the other hand... you start next season with an open '88 spot and you have the freedom to go out and get the best overage player available at a smaller price when people are forced to trim their '88s.

Also... I've seen a few calls to trade Riku in light of Jacob DeSerres' excellent play. This is also a move I wouldn't recommend and I think there is almost a 0% chance of that happening. I'll update later if I can but I will be travelling up and down I-5 today and may not be around to do so.

There are only 5 teams that have yet to make any kind of move and Seattle is one of them. Two of the others are Everett and Portland.

Also... I have finally added a link to the webcam for the KEC, which is something I've been meaning to do for a while now.

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