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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle at Spokane Recap

Seattle falls tonight to the Chiefs 5-2 at the Spokane Arena. Seattle has shown time and time again that it needs good to excellent effort out of their top line and tonight the end result was not there. Having not seen the game it's not fair at all for me to make comment on the effort of the top line I can only comment on the end result.

Holloway - 0-0 and -2
Scott - 0-0 and -2
Nielsen - 0-1 and -3

Seattle just doesn't get enough from the rest of the lines to survive a game like that from its top line. Having said that... the first line had played tremendously over the past month and were due for a night off.... They must get more from the other lines to help out... AND they were playing what I believe it the best team (or 1b with Vancouver) in the WHL and they were on the road. It's a lot to ask for the Tbirds to get points out of the top ranked team in their own barn and tonight Seattle just didn't quite have enough to get it done.

Scott Jackson was the bright spot for Seattle registering a Power Play goal and an assist in the loss.

Seattle returns home tomorrow to face the Everett Silvertips and look to extend their 5-0 record against the Tips. Seattle trails Everett by 9 points with 5 games in hand. By point percentage Seattle trails .544 to .588 and these games (especially at home) will be critical to earning the 5th seed in the West. I personally think Seattle has no shot at the 4th seed with Kelowna playing really well and having a 15 point lead (Seattle has 5 games in hand) over the Thunderbirds.

I will miss the game tomorrow night due to coaching requirements. I will post a game thread before I leave... feel free to leave comments about the game. I'd love to see some of the regulars over at the forum make their presence known on the blog a little more... A lot of them have good insight on the team.

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