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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Slow News Day...

Not much going on in the way of Seattle news or much in WHL news either today.

The Tbirds do travel to Chilliwack tonight to take on the Bruins. The last time Seattle played in the 'Wack they got dominated by a Bruin team that is now struggling a little bit and sits tied with Seattle in points at 44. Of course the Tbirds have 3 games in hand and tonight would be a great chance to start putting some distance between themselves and the Bruins.

Back on October 17th the Tbirds lost 6-2 to the Bruins in a game where they were outshot 50-15. Riku Helenius was pulled after facing 17 shots in just over 15 minutes and DeSerres faced 33 in about 44 minutes of work. Oscar Moller netted a Hat Trick for the Bruins in the win and Bud Holloway and Jeremy Boyer scored for Seattle in the loss.

However... Chilliwack has lost 7 of their last 10, 1 of those coming in the shootout and have lost 2 straight.

Seattle has lost only their last game against Tri-City and they are 5-5 in their last 10. With hope fading for the #4 seed in the Western Conference... Seattle really needs to get to work starting tonight if they want any chance of catching Kelowna. The 5th seed however is up for grabs with Everett 6 points ahead of Seattle with the Tbirds having played 6 fewer games.

1 comment :

Mike said...

4th might seem far away, BUT if we won 5 in a row and Kelowna loses 4 in a row, we would be tied. Not that this will happen but it shows that 4th place isn't as far away as it might seem.

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