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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Did you see that???

Anyone else see the goal by Rick Nash last night??

The goal itself was unreal... but the fact that it came with 30 seconds left in a tie game has to make it not only a goal of the year candidate but maybe one of the best ever.

Also... Interesting take on the Beach-Bruton "incident" the other night by Gregg Drinnan I have a lot of respect for Drinnan and I tend to agree with his take on the "incident" the other night in Spokane. I also tend to agree with Spokane coach Bill Peters who pointed out that normally if a guy is hurt so seriously that he needs a neck brace he is also taken out on a spineboard.

I've seen in some places a comparison of Kyle Beach/Chris Bruton and Benn Olson and I think its important to point out the difference between being a guy who fights and a guy who is a goon. Since joining the TBirds near the beginning of the 2005-06 season Olson has been involved in numerous fights but has never received a Major Penalty for anything other than fighting. I would reserve the term "goon" for guys who go out and receive multiple Majors and G.M.'s for Boarding, Checking from Behind and the like.

If I'm wrong and Benn has received something else... feel free to correct me.

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jon said...

Here's another angle of the hit. About 45 seconds in

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