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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Game 3 is tonight...

Most of you have heard that the WHL has moved Game 5 in Spokane to Saturday night to allow Spokane people the ability to watch the Gonzaga basketball game. I personally can't stand Gonzaga... but I also don't really have a problem with moving the game. I feel bad for any Seattle fans that made plans to head over to Spokane on Friday and might not be able to get their money back on a hotel room for Friday night (though I imagine they could). So it isn't a perfect situation... but let's be honest here... as with most things in life this is all about money and I don't have a problem with that. As far as I'm concerned... what is good for the league is good for the Tbirds and good for us and if the Tbirds were in a similar situation I would want the league to be flexible as well. Whatever... On to the business at hand.

Game 3 is tonight... with Game 4 tomorrow. It looks like attendance isn't quite going to be what we had hoped for... but if you take a quick glance around the league playoff attendance appears to be down everyone and that was for games over the weekend, so let's not get our undies in a bunch by the small crowds tonight and tomorrow. Mid-week hockey games are always going be a bit of a tough sell until the ball gets rolling a little bit more down in Kent.

The keys to the game tonight remain the same for Seattle...

Can Calvin Pickard continue being red hot?

Can Seattle's defense protect the front of the net?

Can Seattle keep Drayson Bowman off the scoreboard?

Can the Tbirds still get a lift from the home crowd and match or better Spokane's intensity?

We will probably know a lot from the first period and I have a feeling the Tbirds are going to need to win both games at home if they want to win this series at it heads back to Spokane on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

We win both at home or we split and win there on Saturday. Either way we need to win this series not only for us but to save the league more re-scheduling issues come the second round!!

stbird said...

I realize that the date change for game 5 is probably not that big of a deal but, what are we hockey fans or basketball fans. Gonzaga is not going to win a national title. Plus what year do we live in? Don't they have tivo or dvr in Spokane? Do people in Spokane really think they can beat North Carolina? I could go on and on, I just find it a little funny that we are postponing games for basketball.

Lets hope the Birds can continue to play like they did the first two games. Lets finish this thing in 5 that would be F-ing great.

Lets Go Birds!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let it go T-bird fans.... I guarantee most of you guys who have made comments did not have Tickets for game 5 in Spokane anyway. So who cares?

Get over it! Do you guys think you are the center of the WHL and everything needs your approval before deciding on any kind of an issue.

Brian in Sherwood

stbird said...

What? Brian in Sherwood two comments and that means ALL tbirds fans. By the way, aren't you a Portland fan? How's your hockey playoffs going?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am from Portland and the hockey playoffs for Winterhawk fans are a little boring, however I am a hockey fan and a sports fan.

I was able to watch those hated Gonzaga Bulldogs and other NCAA games at the Rose Garden, and watch your T-birds lay an egg in game 3 last night against the Chiefs.

Tonight..... I will heading down to Gill Coilseum to watch those pesky Oregon State Beavers play Stanford in the CBI tournament.

Brian in Sherwood

stbird said...

I know, go figure. We play really well on the road for once, come home and look like crap. Hey, we didn't lay an egg, we scored once.

Go Beavers!!

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