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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds suffer 2nd straight loss at Sho

I've missed the last two games because of some obligations and Seattle has now dropped those last 2 games at home. Maybe I am a good luck charm this season...

Game Photos can be found here by Mick White.

I will say again that the results of these games aren't terrible important but the effort and how the team plays is what we should be watching. By all indications in the last three games I don't see many reasons why this team can pull off a first round upset. They are capable of pulling off a first round upset but they sure don't act like a team that believes it themselves or cares enough to make it happen. Having said that... I only heard the second half of the game last night on the radio so it wouldn't really be fair for me to comment much further.

Tbirds are back to the ShoWare Center on Friday and Saturday against Tri-City.

Quick mention that the Tbirds have their last road game coming up a week from Saturday in Portland and the fan bus will be going down to the game. I wish I could go but my coaching commitments will likely keep me from being able to head down. The link to the promotion doesn't appear to be working for me this morning but you can find it pretty easily on the front of the website.

One last night... and hopefully this is truly the last note. Today is the final day that Oscar Moller could be sent back to Seattle. Last night he was slotted on the 2nd line and scored a goal in the Kings game in Columbus... I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for him to come back.


Trevor's Dad said...

For friday night it looks like Calvin's brother won't be playing in goal for the Americans. He was injured when Lett from Spokane ran him. This led to two line brawls in that game.

Americans coach Nachbaur was quoted in the paper as saying this about Lett: "A kid with no future in this game runs a kid with a future." and the Spokane coach: "is a primitive coach who put the game right back to the 1970s. There was a plan behind that. It was ridiculous. He was sending guys off the bench the whole night."

Here is a pretty good view of the incident along with the fight immediately afterwards:

The WHL has suspended Lett for 10 games.

Americans are saying Pickard has a "slight" concussion and won't be playing in their 3 games this weekend.

Tri-city and Spokane have 2 more games together with a home and home on the 13th and 14th.

Kodi said...

It doesn't matter if Chet is in net or not. If we can't get a puck across the goal line and we make extremely stupid mistakes around our own net we are going to lose both games like we did last night.

It's gut check time, either the boys step up and take advantage of the situation or we're screwed.

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me why wells gets chosen to play over silvester every time???? to me ( ive missed one game all year) silvesters game has improved big time from last year. he uses his body better than wells, hes a better playmaker than wells, he seems to be more aware than wells. dont get me wrong, i am a fan of charles wells for sure. he is great on the penalty kill, but part of last nights game he was playing on a line with obrien and richard. he is in no way a 2nd line center. and probably never will be. all this line changes, all this sitting a player one night, playing him the next just has seemed to throw off the rhythm of everyone. i think it worked for awhile because it put a charge or maybe even a scare in the players. i would like to see them keep the lines the same for the rest of the season and the playoffs. this is what i would like to see.

1st line d lines
scott rai parker hickey warg
2nd line
richard obrien boyer schappert haber
3rd line
leblanc silvester cloud dillon fleming
4th line
sena lockhart wells

when neilsen gets back (does anyone know when that is) i would put him with leblanc and cloud and move silvester to the forth line and sit lockhart. i know i know, hes been a fan favorite, and i do like him, but the last few games, he has just seemed to be outplayed and pretty much just abused by bigger players. early in the season it was much different, but i dont think he is used to playing this many games. hopefully we can play better this weekend. and we can figure some things out.

also, is berg ever going to play?


Thunnex said...

I honestly wouldn't expect to see Berg unless we were severely short on D. I think they want to get him in the mix, but at this point in the season I would be shocked to see him get any game action.

I do agree with you that Silvester has showed a little more than Wells this year (though not much more other than speed). I think you have to keep in mind that the lines aren't necessarily going to be stacked with your 5 best players out first, then your next 5 best, etc. and Sumner has been trying to mix and match with what we have lately to get the team going with some momentum into the playoffs.

Lockhart looks tired to me and he has played his butt off for a lot of the season as a 16 year old... so it doesn't surprise me that he is maybe hitting a bit of a wall.

Anonymous said...

I would still keep Lockhart over Wells. A tired Lockhart at least hustles for every puck and isn't afraid of being hit or delivering one...... Wells looks afraid of being hit and rarely crashes the net for loose pucks... I don't want to bash Wells.... Maybe rest Lockhart now, but come playoff time you need grit and Wells has zero.

Anonymous said...

nice attendence.....

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