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Hockey Challenge 2014

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A little rest...

After a nice night's rest... it is a little bit easier to keep things in perspective.

I know people are pretty frustrated and upset about last night's game... but it IS just one game. Yeah it was a pretty horrible game and it looked like most of the players were disinterested.... but let's see how this team responds tonight in Portland and tomorrow again at home against Everett.

Maybe... just maybe this was the wake up call that this team needed at exactly the right time just a week before the playoffs. Maybe this launches the Tbirds into 4-6 weeks of consistent hustle and effort and results.

All we can do is hope... but I don't think everyone should get quite so worked up about one loss at home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tyler, I agree. Hopefully these people will take that advice.

Anonymous said...

I think most people aren't just upset about last night. Most people around me were most amused by it. I think people are upset more with dealing with average hockey for years. Granted the T-birds have no real chance to win a WHL championship this year. But it is unfortunate when you have top end talent like Hickey and O'Brien and let it go to waste. Either put pieces around them that can win, or trade them for pieces that will build for a winner. It could be just me, but I'm willing to have a bad season next year to aid us in a run in a couple years.

Anonymous said...

"but I don't think everyone should get quite so worked up about one loss at home."


Entering the game, Portland was the worst team in the entire WHL. They are obviously our biggest rival. We are in fight for a 5th seed that DOES mean something.

I wouldn't get worked up about one loss, but it was the manner in which the loss came about. There was no heart. There wasn't any pride. No one even attempted to protect our ice. There is a difference between losing 4-2 or 4-3 AND 9-1......

Thunnex said...

Yup... I still say...

Yes it sucks, yes it was horrible, yes there was no heart... yes yes yes...

It STILL was just one game... How they respond tonight, tomorrow and next Friday is more important.

Anonymous said...

Ok we need a backup goalie that can play that's just a fact. What they are doing right now with Jake is Bush league and not worthy of the CHL.

We wont know what to expect from this team until the playoffs now, the next two games mean little when it comes to next weekend and beyond. They will have to prove themselves then.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that we have a young listed goalie that we are wiating for his season to get over with before we bring him up?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe this??

The Western Hockey League announced today that due to a serious bout of illness with the Chiefs that Spokane's next two games, Saturday at Tri-City and Monday at home versus the Kelowna Rockets, have been postponed.

"It is difficult to be 100% sure, but all symptoms indicate that it is highly likely that this represents a case of food poisoning with our players," Spokane Chiefs Team Physician Dr. P.Z. Pearce said.

"Obviously the health and well being of our players is the number one factor in these situations," Chiefs General Manager Tim Speltz said. "Unfortunately with this illness we are unable to ice a team for tonight and tomorrow. We appreciate the cooperation of the Tri- City Americans and Kelowna Rockets."

Saturday's game will be played on Tuesday, March 17th at 7:00 in Kennewick and can be seen live on Comcast channel 78 locally. Sunday's game in the Spokane Arena between the Chiefs and Kelowna Rockets has been postponed until Monday, March 16th at 7:00. Tickets for Sunday's game will be honored on Monday night, or can be exchanged at the Chiefs ticket office for any Chiefs playoff game.

Saturday, March 14th at Tri-City Americans

Sunday, March 15th vs. Kelowna Rockets

This means that we may not know until Tuesday now where we are going on Thursday!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So I guess if we play Spokane and win it will be known as the "bad sushi" series forever!!!

Anonymous said...

wow Jim O'Brien took over tonight. Now that we are finishing 5th. Who would anyone here rather see us play the explosive red hot Kelowna offense.....Or the food poisoned yet solid defense and goaltending of Spokane.

Anonymous said...

Ummm.. Spokane all the way now... They are sick, injured and haven't been great lately and Kelowna is simply on fire!

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