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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle falls to Americans...

Good 1st Period
Horrible 2nd Period
Good 3rd Period

Equals... a 4-2 loss for Seattle to the Americans.

Tip of the cap to the Americans who clinched their second straight U.S. Division title tonight in the win. No tip of the cap to the obnoxious American fans sitting behind me in section 105 who made good American fans look like complete idiots.

Seattle was inconsistent tonight like they have been all season and once again tonight proved that the defense behind Hickey and Warg just isn't good enough right now.

Warg +2
Hickey +1
Schappert +1
Dillon -3 (where has his game gone???)
Haber -3

Tri-City had only 3 even strength goals... meaning that Dillon and Haber were out for all 3 of them.

Seattle did manage to get some decent efforts out of a couple of guys. Jeremy Boyer had a nice game, setting up the Chris Cloud goal and earning the 2nd star.

A big concern for the Tbirds has to be the health of Prab Rai... Perhaps I shouldn't be saying this, but I don't think it was a huge secret to notice that Rai had an ice pack on his back for most of the time he spent on the bench before limping off the ice with a brace around his ankle later in the game. Was the brace theatrics? or does Rai have both a back and an ankle problem now? Without a healthy Prab Rai I think this team is in some serious trouble and with Spokane losing tonight and Kamloops and Kelowna winning... the Tbirds appear to be setting themselves up for a date with the Rockets in the first round with a 3/6 match-up. Seattle could still earn the 5th seed and Spokane could still earn the 3rd but if the playoffs started today it would be Seattle-Kelowna in the first round.

Seattle could be facing tomorrow with the reality of no Nielsen, no Rai and still no DeSerres who I've been told is still not taking shots in warm-ups. (Can someone else confirm that?) Ouch...

Important to see how this team bounces back tomorrow against the same club who really won't have anything to play for outside of pride.


Anonymous said...

Could be wrong, but I thought Prab just had his shin guard on and sock down when he skated off. Heard his injury could be pretty bad...yikes. I thought that Tri's 2 goals 10ish seconds apart killed up. Picks made a great first save and an easy rebound was put in since our D did not clear out the front of the net, and then right after that a centering pass when untouched/defended to the opposite side for an easy goal. birds need to dig deep and get ready for the playoffs, cuz they have not put forth their best efforts the past couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jacob is still just standing by the bench during warmups. I don't think it matters anymore because it's obvious that Calvin will be in goal for the playoffs and im sure Jacob will be able to back up by then.

If Rai is hurt long term it's goodnight Gracie for us that's for sure.

Can someone tell me why Berg is standing in the hallways when we most of our defense sucks?? Let the kid play you know he'll play hard at least.

We stopped playing after they went up 2-1. That second period was horrific.

With all of the people in this country out of work why does Johnson (ref) still have a job? I know of at least a few people who could do a better job and aren't 30 pounds overweight.

Anonymous said...

long way to go before we know opponent though. Kamloops last four games are two home and home series vs. Vancouver and Kelowna while we play Portland twice, Everett and Prince George.

Kodi said...

Just an FYI

Listed D-Man Jared Crema was in a suit down by the ice during warmups. That makes two additional D-Men hanging around.

Anonymous said...

Chaffin was a healthy scratch as well. That's 3 D men.....Dillon really needs to find his game because he looks lost. And Haber looks absolutely terrible when Hickey is not out there with him. You really look at our lousy d-men and our inexperienced goaltender and I can't see why Hickey is not the most valuable player in this league. Without him and we are fighting Chilliwack and Portland for that #1 bantem pick.

Anonymous said...

Chaffin still have problem with his shoulder that he hurt a week ago. I head that Prab Rai will be out for 4-6 weeks, but i dont know what the injury is.

Anonymous said...

FYI, I believe Crema left town after last night's game.

Anonymous said...

Also, they've had other list players in at different times recently. Tyler Alos was in one weekend.

Anonymous said...

the loss of prab is huge... looked pretty serious cause he couldnt put any wieght on his leg. i didnt see any braces, or casts or anything, his sock was just off and just had his skate and pads on. its a huge loss for a team with not much offense already. hopefully nielsen comes back soon, even though he isnt much of a goal scorer, he sets up a lot, and he could really help out a line. i would love to see him with cloud and leblanc. he would fit perfect with those too crashing and him just staying back. im still more impressed with silvester more than wells or lockhart. i think he should play way more. also, to me, its funny everyone is hating on our defense right now. they've been horrible all year. other than hickey, who by the way, played horrible versus spoke on tuesday, and didnt look great against tri last night. and maybe a handful of games that warg and schappert had played this season. its just been crap. i know we are young, but haber, dillon, fleming, chaffin, and anyone else who as been back there, hasnt been good. warg looked horrible last night, i think it was his worst game ive seen. if he doesnt play physical, he isnt good. all of the the goals last night were off turnovers, by the defense, including hickey. nothing really pickard could of done on the three goals he let in. hopefully we get healthier, hopefully prabs injury isnt as bad. will see, but as long as we finish above everett. im fine with this year, its a throw away year for me... heres to the 09, 10 birds.


Anonymous said...

well.. next year no more HICKEY, LEBLANC, CLOUD, SCOTT, and possibly RAI.. I really don't think we can afford to throw this one away!!

Anonymous said...

wait I forgot O'Brien! Wait exactly are we waiting for in 2009-2010??

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