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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Spokane

Kelowna just finished beating Spokane 1-0 and the result is that Kelowna has clinched the #3 seed and Spokane has finished in the #4 spot in the Western Conference and will open at home against the Tbirds on Friday (or Saturday... standby).

Now that I know the opponent for sure... I will start finishing up my series preview. I am also going to have an article/post this week on what I think the lines and rotation should look like for the playoffs.

Also of note... I do know that Tanner Muth is headed down from Calgary to join the team for the first round as well.


Anonymous said...

I watched the game tonight and the Spokane broadcasters mentioned the games being on Friday and Saturday. Is this for sure yet?

FYI - Spokane's offense was very flat but once again their defense and goaltending were quite good. Not too bad for a team coming off of illness.

stbird said...

Bring on Spokane. I really think we have a better shot with them than with the Rockets anyway.

Lets Go Birds!!!

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