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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Where is the heart?

For just a second... let's ignore the fact that the Tbirds threw out a real stinker tonight for the first playoff game at the ShoWare Center.

Let's ignore the fact that their Power Play was horrendous AND surrendered two shorthanded goals.

Ignore the fact that it looked like half the team (or more) were already wondering whether they could get a tee time for next week...

Explain this to me....

15 years ago... would a team that just got embarrassed in their first home playoff game and lost the series lead 2-1... not have a single player drop the gloves???

What's going on here? Not one guy on that team wants to punch somebody in the face after giving up 5 straight goals?

I find that hard to believe and I personally find it frustrating...

I don't have to put my face on the line, I don't have to bust my knuckles on another players helmet.... but if we're going down... shouldn't we go down swinging?

Just when I think I have this team figured out... they do something different. So I think that means they will win tomorrow night... who knows?


Anonymous said...

The first three playoff games are just like the regular season, consistently inconsistent. This team drives me nuts, you see them one night you think they'll never lose again, you seem them another night you think they could never win again!!

One thing I know, we don't win tomorrow they can set up those tee times.

Yes no heart, no hitting, no punching, they go down 2-1 they give up like it's 10-1.

Anonymous said...

They need to put your bro in their lineup !
Hope i get to see a good game tonight.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! After being a fan for 20 years, I'm at the point of giving up on the WHL and the T-birds. I have a hard time shelling out the money for what is turning into high school hockey. I couldn't catch the game so when I saw the score, the first thing I checked for was the fights...what...the..heck?

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