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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Western Conference Predictions

I'm not going to pretend that I know enough about the East to make an educated guess. I just don't think I see those teams enough to know and clearly Calgary has to be considered the favorite.

Without further ado... here are my Western Conference predictions.

#1 Vancouver vs. #8 Prince George

I think almost everyone around has the Giants winning in 4 games and I am a little surprised by that actually. Making the trek up to PG is never an easy trip. Combine that with the fact that PG is actually a pretty decent home team and Vancouver seems to have lost a little bit of their mojo lately and I think PG pulls a huge upset in 6 games............ ok just kidding.... just making sure you are awake. PG is pesky but the Giants are just too good and talented and better coaches. Giants in 5

#2 Tri-City vs. #7 Everett

All bias aside... The Americans are much better than the Silvertips and dominated the season series. I think Everett takes a game in front of their home crowd, but that's it for them. The Ams have too much fire power with or without Chet Pickard. Americans in 5.

#3 Kelowna vs. #6 Kamloops

This is the only series I see being a sweep. Kelowna won every game against the Blazers this season and totally dominated nearly every game scoring at will. Leclerc is pretty good but it hasn't seemed to matter in the regular season and I don't see it mattering here. When Kamloops really needed points to avoid facing the Rockets in the first round they were dominated in both games when it really matter. This indicated to me that mentally the Blazers are whipped on Kelowna. Rockets in 4

#4 Seattle vs. #5 Spokane

You'll have to check back later tonight for my series preview to get my prediction for our Birds.


Anonymous said...

Interesting on the Drinnan blog two of the people making predictions including Greg say Seattle in 7 while all of them think it will be a long series.

My prediction: Birds in 6.

Anonymous said...

I will have to say...

Giants in 4

Rockets in 4

Americans in 5

And by unpopular demand.... I will say Spokane in 7. I just believe Spokane all around is built for playoff success when you look at the goaltending/defense.... If the T-birds can't win in 6 games. I just find it hard for them to go into Spokane for a 7th game and coming out with a win. But prove me wrong T-birds.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm not sure if it's a success for Spok to have to go the distance against us. This wouldn't show me that they are made for the playoffs at all. It would just make me pick Vancouver in 5 or 6 against them in round 2.

Anonymous said...

Kamloops will beat Kelowna in the series. I know Kelowna did go 9-0 in the series in the regular season, but I just have a strange feeling Kamloops WINS it

Brian in SHerwood

Unknown said...

haha.... that from a portland fan

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