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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle Thunderbirds head coach Rob Sumner

KJR's Jason Puckett last night with Coach Rob Sumner.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Was that an actual INTERVIEW??? I gotta get some water.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob:

How about be a little tougher and play with HEART!

That was the problem! I am glad he did not throw Pickard under the bus like other coaches would of done for the loss.

Must win tonight!

Tyler--- I want a full report, and I will give you a full report on the Beaver & Cardinal epic basketball game tonight

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

You know Sauter is telling his guys to rough up the new guy (Jacobs) a bit and they're doing it. Yet, we hardly touch Bowman, Calla, Koper, Glass (who is just back from injury) and Letts. If we dont start pounding them when they touch the puck we have no chance.

Anonymous said...

Watching the game last night Bowman doesn't touch the puck unless he is about to shoot, or there is no one within 20 fee of him. he just tried to go to the week side of the net and let his other linemates win the puck, tough to hit him and not get a penalty if he plays like that.

T-birds were amazingly soft last night, looked like they backed off of trying to make hits.

I really enjoyed watching Jacobs play.

Pickard didn't play badly, one soft goal on a PP, but the rest of them were pretty goals where there wasn't a lot he could do.

Anonymous said...

It was embarrassing. Even Tokarski was hitting people more than us with a 5-1 lead. I agree with Mike here Spokane certainly is planning on roughing up certain players. Ryan Letts serves no other purpose on the ice but to attempt to injure other players... I know it's hard to single players out when it was a collective stinker. But Greg Scott has not played well at all this playoff series, he really needs to step it up. Twice he threw lazy blind passes back to Hickey that turned into breakaways. Hopefully we see the heart and desperation tonight. Maybe we should play Chiefs hockey if we are going down... lets take Tokarski with us

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