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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Perfect 10

Tbirds hang a 10 spot on Everett tonight AND get the shutout for Kyle Jahraus in the process.

Couple comments...

Connor Sanvido, the Tbirds 1st Round bantam pick from last season is here with the team. Why in the world is he not playing tonight??? Would tonight not have been the perfect night for him to get some playing time and see what you have?

Also... Colin Jacobs' team lost in the Regional finals over the weekend and I am told he will be in Seattle by Tuesday to be with the team.

Also... obviously Jahraus was here and played tonight and good for him for playing well and picking up the shutout. Question obviously is... what took the team so long to get him here??

Post Season Awards

3 Stars of the game Award - Prab Rai
Humanitarian Award - Lindsay Nielsen
Scholarship Award - Erik Fleming
Top Scorer - Greg Scott
Most Improved - Jeremy Schappert
Top Defensemen - Thomas Hickey
Rookie of the Year - Calvin Pickard
Team MVP - Thomas Hickey

Schappert could be considered a slight surprise (but not a shock). I might have gone with Stefan Warg who also improved a ton over the course of the season.

The rest really isn't a shock... Thomas Hickey is the heart and soul of this team and deserves his awards and accolades.

The Tbirds first round opponent is still a mystery and I KNOW that Spokane could still theoretically catch Kelowna for the 3rd seed, but I just don't see that happening.... Expect to see the Tbirds in Spokane on Friday (or Saturday) to open the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

See how everyone feels better when there is a healthy backup in there...

Let's hope this is the T-Birds team we get in the playoffs!!

Trevor's Dad said...

According to hockeydb Kyle Jahraus has not been scored on in all 3 of his appearences in the WHL. In 06/07 he played 39 minutes in 2 different games for Tri-Cites and did not give up a goal.

Trevor's Dad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jacobs update. Anymore info forth coming would be great. He should be a big part of the team in the next few years.

Who will be better, Colin Jacobs or Shane McColgan?

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