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Hockey Challenge 2014

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It is over...

I wish I wasn't... but I was right...

Seattle loses in Game 5... 5-3 to the Spokane Chiefs and so ends another season of Thunderbirds hockey. I will have more thoughts tomorrow.... I want to digest Sumner's thoughts and write more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What time is game 6 ?? THe T-birds fans got the panties in a bunch because Spokane and the WHL switched game 5 from Friday to tonight.... The T-birds complained, and whined only to have the Chiefs score a natural hat trick on the T-birds and eliminate them from the playoffs. Just blame the WHL and if that does not work .... blame David Stern!

Mike said...

What the hell are you babbling about?

dave said...

I think anonymous here forgot that the T-birds agreed to move that game for Spokane.... As for this anonymous Spokane fan's moment of I guess this is what is called trash talk in Spokane? I don't think many T-bird fans thought we were going to win this series. I am actually glad I'm not spending the extra money for meaningless playoff games.... The Chiefs fans get to pay for two more home games until the Giants eliminate them. And quite frankly I'm ok with it.

4thebirds said...

Yeah I'm not sure where that first post came from either. Most of the Spoke fans we met were really classy. But we all have those morons that like to see their messed up thoughts in writing.

Tyler, can't thank you enough for all your hard work on this blog. You do an awesome job and I look forward to your final thoughts and most importantly...NEXT SEASON!!!

Anonymous said...


Will you continue the blog for the remainder of the playoffs ? I enjoy the insight and knowledge. At least you have an opinion, something that our blog guy seldoms has or uses.

Thank you

Lets hope Lethbridge pulls it out on game 6 on their ice.

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

tyler... im intrested on what you think this team needs to do for next year, ie: trades... firings... signings, are you going to put up a post on what you think? maybe do something like what you thought the lines should of been for the playoffs, but do it for the team next season, and leave it open for people to comment on and see what others want to do. you, and most people on this site are really the only people who seem to have some what of an idea about hockey and the tbirds, on the tbirds forum its just a bunch of people who dont know what they are talking about. im intrested in what you think we should with farwell, and rob, and the players.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing you can do with Farwell, he owns a big chunk of the team. He'd have to fire himself for their to be a change at the GM position. Did you read a recent Gregg Drinnan blog? According to him Farwell is one of most powerful people in the WHL. Farwell GMed Medicine Hat to two championships. Let's hope he can do it again here. I think he's spent too much time lately saving this franchise for this region and getting the team into ShoWare. Let's hope now, with Pickard and Jacobs to build around, his attention is now fully back to hockey.

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