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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds win in OT, clinch the 5 spot in the West

I'm not going to say that this was a good win by the Tbirds tonight... but it sure is a gutty win.

Down 2-0 less than 2 minutes into the game and coming on the heels of the 9-1 blowout last night, the Tbirds could have easily folded the tent up the rest of the game and none of us would have been surprised.

Much to my surprise... they dug down deep... scored the games next 3 goals and eventually won it in overtime.

With the win... Seattle has 73 points. Couple that with Kamloops losing tonight and the Blazers finish the season with 72 points.

In addition to that... Kelowna went a long way towards being the #3 seed by blowing out the Blazers 7-1 and they are a full 3 points ahead of the food poisoned Spokane Chiefs.

So we can't say for sure that Seattle is playing Spokane in the first round... but it is beginning to look like that will probably be the case.


Anonymous said...

well remember that Spokane gets Kelowna at Spok and then they play in Tri who might be without Chet and they have nothing to play for. We could still very well play kelowna.

Maybe the food poisoning after effects will not only linger into monday but also into the playoffs!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope both Spokane and Kelowna put tickets aside for Kamloops/Seattle fans who cant buy ticket still monday or tuesday, it looks as though they are going fast in Spokane!

Anonymous said...

Any word on whether Colin Jacobs will be joining the team for the post season?

Anonymous said...

Nielson and Rai should be back for playoffs. I don't think Jacobs would be an asset at this point unless he wants to be our back up goalie. lol

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