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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Heartbreaking loss...

Tbirds lose an absolute heartbreaker tonight... 2-1 to the Chiefs in Spokane.

I thought they played well... I thought Spokane played well... I thought Calvin Pickard was exceptional to keep the Tbirds in the game and in the end, the play of Drayson Bowman and his two goals were the difference for Spokane.

I had a feeling that shutting down Bowman was the key to the series and so far I am unfortunately 1 for 1.

Can the Tbirds respond with a big win tomorrow... the first 20 minutes of the game on Saturday might be the different in the entire series and the entire season.


Anonymous said...

A good competitive game. Pickard played great and so did Tokarski. A couple of defensive breakdowns cost us the two goals. On the whole the TBirds played played right with Spokane. Looks to be a good series. Better luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yes but not good enough. Cant let Bowman run rampant. Remember that one or two goals is really all this Spokane team needs to win.

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