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Hockey Challenge 2014

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The WHL Player of the Week award is pretty much as meaningless as most awards go... but in my opinion the WHL just rendered it pointless.

Jordan Weal of Regina was named player of the week recording 4 goals, 5 assists and a +6 rating in the 3 Regina wins over the weekend. Absolutely a great weekend for Weal and on most weekends that could certainly have been the award.

But... Let's get real here people... guys have 9 point weekends all the time, nothing new there. Pickard just did something that from what I can tell has never been done in the history of the league or at the very least in the very near past.

Calvin WAS nominated by the league for the CHL Goaltender of the Week award, so he wasn't completely left out for winning meaningless awards.

Seriously... I'd be a lot more upset if these awards actually mattered but not naming Pickard the player of the week is just ridiculous.


seattlelovebirds said...

the only thing i can figure is that playing in only one game made him ineligible for it or left him unconsidered by whoever votes for it.

But I agree, despite it only being one game, it was a game for the ages and quite possibly the record books....

Anonymous said...

Do they not have a goaltender of the week award??

Thunnex said...

I think that being nominated for CHL goaltender of the week is basically like winning WHL Goaltender of the week.

MarcS74 said...

I'm not sure I'd call it absurd.

The guy had 3G on wednesday, 2A on friday and 1G, 3A on saturday with a + rating for every game, that is a pretty consistent week. Pickard had one spectacular game, if he gets goalie of the week then that would be really cool.

I think that only playing one game made it really tough for him to get the player of the week award. I would also think they probably slant the award toward skaters since goalies have their own.


Thunnex said...

I stil say Nice Week < History.

That is like saying if Kobe Bryant scores 81 points but only has one game he shouldnt be player of the week over a guy who averaged say 29 points per game over 3.

Perhaps you're right... maybe it's not absurd but 9 point weekends happen all the time in the WHL. Shinniman has 9 points in Tri's first three games.

MIKE said...


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