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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I didn't see the game but I'm pretty happy I didn't.... whoa. Sanvido with his first goal in the WHL is clearly the highlight tonight.

Sanvido had his struggles focusing on defensive responsibilities in training camp and that was part of the reason why he didn't make the club out of camp. On a night where the Tbirds gave up 11 goals and some players were -5 I would have to say that his first WHL goal on the PP and "only" a -1 represents a pretty nice night for the kid... good for him. I'm making a pretty general statement based on stats but I'm guessing that he had as good a night as you can have when your team loses 11-2.

Btw... anyone know the last time an opposing team had three players with hat-tricks?? I sure don't...


Mr Tell13 said...

Now I don't know about WHL, it did happen a few times in the NHL
-Nordiques 02/22/81 against the capitals
-Edmonton 11/19/1983 against the devils
L.A. VS Calgary in playoffs (don't remember the date) 12-4 win for L.A.

So I am sure it did happen in the WHL, but yeah it did seem odd and unusual

Anonymous said...

The crowd was sparse. There were only half a dozen hats on the ice after the first trick. They didn't have any hats left to throw on the ice after the last one.

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