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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Goaltending Records...

The Winnepeg Sun did an article today on Calvin Pickard's shutout. That article can be found here. In that article they are saying that Craig Anderson set the NHL record just last year with a 53 save shutout for the Florida Panthers.

I have a message out to Alan Caldwell to see if he knows the WHL or CHL record... we will see if anyone can figure out if the 57 saves will stand as a record. I would be shocked if there is a game with higher saves in a shutout.

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Anonymous said...

Starting this Saturday 11 games in 22 days if my math is correct. After looking at the schedule, 7 of the 11 teams combined have 17 wins and 25 losses. The other 4 teams are 16 wins and 5 losses.We just finished 6 game stretch of teams that have a 21 and 11 record and if you substract Chilliwack (just a bad game) the rest of the teams are 20 and 6 and only one team of the bunch has lost moe than 1 game...

This stretch should be good for: team chemistry, consistency, young guys to get more experience and a taste of success. I am looking at 6and 5.

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