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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Flu bug...

So the Tbirds are likely to have several or even perhaps most of their players riddled with the flu right now and that might explain the 7-1 crushing last night. Here are the facts though.

One fact that cannot be disputed is that they got whipped 7-1 last night.

Opinion.... My opinion is that they played horribly.

Something I'm willing to accept as fact... is that they have a bunch of kids sick right now. I don't know that for a fact, but I have no reason to think Thom lies about these things so I accept it as fact.

Opinion.... It's pretty tough to play sick.

Put those things together and you come up with the truth that last night wasn't pretty. I'm definitely willing to accept that the loss was likely caused by flu ridden players, but it doesn't change the fact that they still need to play better.

How they are able to respond towards the end of the trip when players get reasonably healthy again will give us an idea about the progress that we saw in Calgary and Red Deer.


Anonymous said...

Your information is accurate.The
sick count is 5+ right now. I'll see what updates I can get today.

Anonymous said...

They were definitely making the type of really basic mistakes (whiffs on slow moving pucks, etc.) that happen when you don't have any energy.

Anonymous said...

The sick count is even higher now....and they are VERY sick.....

Anonymous said...

whatever: excuses are excuses. what do you they have? The 24 Day Flu ?

Anonymous said...

12-15 on the bench tonight and a possible call-up.

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