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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds make a trade...

More information coming soon... though I probably won't get anything before they make it official.

EDIT: Official press release here. We'll discuss this move tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I'm hoping its prab and jake to kelowna. Kelowna has an overage spot open and I think prab would be a perfect fit there. They really don't need a goalie with brown but they might try and pull out all the stops to get back to the memorial cup. I actually hope its a blockbuster trade cause kelowna has a lot of good, young players that can help us out big time. But its probably some silly little trade and I'm just getting my hopes up.

Also, I want to mention that I wasn't calling brenden dillon stupid, like he isn't smart, I'm sure he's actually a very bright kid. I'm just saying his hockey sense isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. So sorry to the grammer police who was calliing me out on that one and on my spelling. I actually thought this was a hockey blog site not an english class. Everyone makes mistakes, bud.

Anonymous said...

Jake to brandon...reliable source

Anonymous said...

any idea who's coming back this way?

Thunnex said...

Nothing yet... I'm not killing myself trying to get the scoop because we already know the Tbirds are going to release the info sometime this afternoon.

I'll take a look at the deal and we'll all discuss tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

whoever it is, I hope it is someone with size, grit, and heart; we have enough pansies on this team

Anonymous said...

Do we have to bash the team on every post? Let's for once talk about the players that give us hope for a bright future... I have been pretty negative myself but really it could be a whole lot worse look at what the Americans dealt with for years being the odd team out, then Portland the past few years, I don't think we are worse than those teams were during their long rebuilds....I also don't believe our's will take as long. We have good young players in place right now.

Ad for the trade...I know DeSerres asked for a trade so that would be my guess, since the guy should be a starter in this league. And if it is him good luck to him he deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Grammar Police says proper names should be capitalized and "calliing" should have one "i."
ha ha ha...

Unknown said...

thats one hell of a deal righ there considering its roster cut day for 20 year olds.

Anonymous said...

The Kelowna rumor is gaining momentum...Hearing from a friend in Penticton that Guggenberger injury is more severe than thought...DeSerres and Rai and possibly Dillon to the Rockets for Callahan, Lucas Bloodoff and/or Chapman & draft pick

Thunnex said...

I can tell you with 100% certainty that Rai was at practice this afternoon, if he was involved in a deal he would not have been on the ice.

I'm also hearing from multiple reliable sources that it is "probably" Brandon.

seattlelovebirds said...

according to white board (SO YOU KNOW IT'S 100% TRUE.)

Confirmed Trade:insider report

seattle is indeed involved,although contrary to previous posters, this is a three way deal.

To Brandon: G Jacob Deserres
Regina's 2010 2nd round bantam pick

To regina : D Brodie Melnychuk

To Seattle: Brennen Walker
Brandon's 2010 2nd round bantam pick

seattlelovebirds said...


Player to Seattle should read
Brenden Walker

mike said...

Brendan ROUSE not walker!!

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