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Goaltending Shutouts...

I haven't finished my "research" but I have checked every goalie who has appeared in the top 10 season shutouts going back to 2003-04 and checked each one of their seasons going back to the 1999-2000 season and not only is Pickard's 57 saves the best but it isn't all that close.

Last season's high was a 40 save shutout by Dustin Tokarski. After that... here is what it looks like.

Carey Price - 48 saves, 12/17/2008 at Portland
Real Cyr - 47 saves, 01/03/2008 vs. Vancouver
Joey Perricone - 46 saves, 10/25/2003 at Prince George. (Note: This was also the first WHL game Perricone ever appeared in... quite the debut)
Leland Irving - 41 saves, 10/07/2006 vs. Seattle

I'll keep checking... but I have a feeling I already know the answer. Calvin Pickard's 57 save shutout is likely a WHL record.

Also... I want to throw out a link. Online magazine InGoalMag linked to my story about Pickard's shutout right here.

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