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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Live from my living room...

- Tough loss for the Tbirds there. Parker, Rai and Jacobs are all stopped by Barnstable and Pickard is beaten by Coetzee on the first shot before stopping 2 other Rebels but the Tbirds fall 1-0 in the shootout and 4-3 overall. It IS a point... but a bummer for Seattle who had their chances to pick up a win. Pickard is named the 2nd star of the game.

- Correction... upon replay I think Rai would really want that shot back. Good save by Barnstable but Rai should have buried it and we are now headed to the shootout.

- F%&^ Barnstable just robbed Rai on the doorstep.

- Rai rings one off the post and Barnstable covers up... Ugh.

- Easier for me to comment to the comment from here. I'd have to defer to Thom on that one... he has a much better view than I do with this crappy video feed. I thought Warg got him before he tripped over the net, but like I said Thom has a much better view. Jacobs draws a penalty here and Seattle has a chance for a PP goal to get the extra point here. Seattle has been going with 3 forwards and Schappert in the OT.

- So a bit disappointing there for Seattle but they earn themselves at least 1 point by getting the game to overtime. Both teams have played about 30 good minutes and 30 bad minutes so this seems pretty fitting to go to overtime.

- I wish I hadn't seen that coming... but I kind of did. Red Deer finally gets a rebound to a wide open guy to the left of Pickard and Green scores his second of the night. Correction from earlier... Green's first was not on the PP but just after it had expired so RD is only 1/7 on the PP but is basically 2/7. We have a 3-3 game now.

- Another penalty here on Seattle and I'll tell you... this is not poor officiating this is just the Tbirds taking bad penalties. They are really playing with fire here giving them PP #7.

- Rebels are dangerous again on the PP but fail to score again and the Birds have forced them to an 0/6 on the PP tonight. This is a situation where stats are misleading because the Rebels have deserved a better fate on the PP tonight.

- Big scramble in front of the Seattle net and somehow the puck stays out. Muth gets a penalty and the Birds will have to go to work on the PK with about 6.5 minutes to play.

- And another big save by Pickard doing his best Marc-Andre Fleury impression on that save throwing his body to his right to make the save.

- Another big save by Pickard. You just get this feeling that Pickard might not let this game slip away.

- NO GOAL!!! The goal was reviewed and I "think" what they saw was that Coutzee ran into Pickard and the net came off perhaps before the puck crossed the line. In addition... somehow Ramsay doesn't end up with a penalty there either. I think the Tbirds might have stolen one there... at the very least it should have been a penalty on Ramsay and the score remains 3-2.

- Coetzee just scored an unreal goal going around Dillon and Ramsay to tie the score at 3-3.

- Completely opposite in the 2nd period as the Tbirds played very well and the Rebels were the team that didn't play well and Seattle takes a 3-2 lead into the final period.

- Tripping call on Jacobs and Seattle will have to protect this lead here with a few minutes left in the 2nd period.

- Moments later... Parker scores to give the Tbirds the lead!! Parker makes a nice move around the defender who commit the sin of allowing him to get to the middle of the ice and he rips a wrister past Barnstable to give them the 3-2 lead. Nielsen had the other goal.

- I walked away to make dinner and the TBirds scored again. No idea on that one... sorry guys.

- Too many men on Red Deer and Seattle gets another PP. Red Deer guys were really confused about the call, impossible for me to tell what happened.

- Seattle gets another chance right away but Barnstable makes the stop. Tbirds playing much better this period.

- Tbirds finally breakthrough here with a goal mouth scramble and Colin Jacobs finally pulls the puck out of the mess and flicks it into the net and Seattle cuts the lead to 2-1.

- 1st period is over and Seattle trails 2-0. Seattle completely beat themselves in that period.

- Another couple of moments later... I can barely type this fast. Borejko picks up a penalty and the Tbirds get another PP.

- Moments later... Borejko scores to make it 2-0 Rebels as the Tbirds are just totally beating themselves here. Pickard never saw this as he was screened all the way.

- Unreal... seriously. Seattle kills their own PP again with a too many men on the ice penalty. I couldn't see who the fault was but they were out there for a while as the Rebel PBP guys yelled about it for nearly 20 seconds.

- Great flurry of pressure here by Seattle but they haven't been able to score, Alos draws a penalty and Seattle goes on the PP for the second time.

- Pickard just made an unreal sprawling save on Green to deny him of a second PP goal.

- Another penalty to Seattle as Rouse gets a hooking call. These are just silly penalties by Seattle.

- Great diving play by Rai on the PK to intercept the pass and then dive to swat the puck down the ice.

- Hooking call on Sentyurin wipes out the PP. No way for me to make this sound good... that was a bad offensive zone penalty.

- Moments later... Tbirds get a PP on a goaltender interference call and Schappert trips and falls giving Elson a clear shorthanded breakaway and Pickard just stuffed him ice cold. Looked like me taking on a Division 7 skater... it looked that good.

- PP goal by the Nathan Green from the Rebels as the pass is fed out from behind the net to Green who flicked it over Pickard's glove into the top corner. Not good coverage there by the Tbirds on the PK leaving both Coetzee and Green open.

- I know some like to complain about the attendance in Kent, but believe me... it could be way worse. At least at Tbirds games most or all of the glass seats are filled... It looks like they couldn't GIVE away glass tickets to this game tonight.

- Decent start for Seattle, Rebels PBP guy would have you believe that both teams have had chances but neither of Pickard's saves have been tough. Chaffin picks up a tripping call and RD goes on the PP.

- Camera quality out of Red Deer is horrific... If I see anything on this game it will be a miracle.

- Former Vancouver Giant Kraymer Barnstable in net for the Rebels.

- Its Red Deer and Seattle going at it at the Enmax Centrium. Silvester is still out for the Tbirds and Wells and Tutt join him tonight on the scratch list. Red Deer guys are saying that Wells has the flu. Lockhart is back in the lineup tonight.


Anonymous said...

Not that it matters now, but accoring to Thom the trip penalty called on Warg was actually the Red Deer player tripping on the back of the T-Birds net.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the running recap Tyler.

stbird said...

Why does our coaching staff let pickard, (his fault or not) stay in goal after 5 go in, let alone 7. Are we trying to kill him? WTF!!!!

stbird said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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