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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds lead 2-1 currently...

Seattle leads in Lethbridge 2-1 right now... I would say the big news of the day is that Seattle brought in Zach Walker and Connor Sanvido for reinforcements tonight.

Very short rant....

This isn't aimed at Ian Henry but more at the entire front office. When you guys call kids up... whether it should be or not... it's exciting for the fans. Think about when the Mariners call somebody up for the first time... they make an announcement.

Don't get me wrong... I think the Tbirds and Ian Henry have done a tremendous job this year getting more information out to us (the fans) than they ever have... but why not have a little fan fare and announce you are bringing these kids up for a couple of games.

Put it this way... as far as I'm concerned Sanvido and Walker making their debuts is a lot more buzz-worthy than hiring John Becanic and that isn't a slight to Sanvido but a reflection of how much fans anticipate (again whether justified or not) when the team calls up players for their first games with the team.

Either way... not a big deal. Let's go Birds... let's get a road win tonight!


ForTheBirds said...

There's been times this year when if felt like the birds were fixated whatever the last thing they practiced was. Tonight they don't have anything to lose and they are not overthinking things. We'll see if having a lead tightens them up.

Anonymous said...

Helluva effort Birds!

Anonymous said...

Tyler, I 100% agree with you. Some times late in the Mariners season the only reason i watched was because i knew a young call up would be playing. I think bringing these kids up is just as big as a trade announcement or the bencanic hiring as you mentioned that they made a huge deal over. I hope they read this and realize that the fans want to hear about this kind of stuff.

4thebirds said...

Well I think you have to take into consideration the reason they came up. With so many sick kids they had to call some up, it's not like this was a planned call up just to get a look at the kids.
Wow, what a game last night. The boys really played with heart!

Anonymous said...

Birds 4- Med hat 3

Anonymous said...

easy anonymous

Anonymous said...

Sanvido has really turned a corner in his development down with the North East Chiefs of the MML.
Scoring has never been a problem...he's hitting, outskating opposition and has been stellar defensively. Keep in mind this kid just turned 16 over a month ago. He's a very young 93.

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