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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Simply terrible...

That was just plain awful. Pickard wasn't his best tonight but Patrick Roy couldn't have helped the Tbirds tonight.

Seattle actually played pretty well for the first 5-10 minutes and then things just completely fell apart. That was some of the worst defensive zone coverage we have seen from the Tbirds all season long. The Oil Kings had guys wide open in the slot all game long and on one Oil King goal I saw all 5 Tbirds on one side of the ice.

I don't know what to say... it was just ugly. I know these kids are being coached... it's not like they are telling them to play a 5 on zero defense where everyone crowds one side of the zone leaving people wide open in front of your goaltender. The progress the Birds made on Sunday against Calgary and for parts of the game against Red Deer last night were just completely gone tonight.

I'd write more... but why should I type more about that garbage.


Anonymous said...

not to make any excuses... thom said the team is flu ridden. 2 guys did not make the trip from Red Deer, and more got sick in the locker room before the Edmonton game. We are looking at up to 6 players not playing in the next game.

4thebirds said...

I can't even imagine those kids playing with the flu. Most people can't even get off the couch. So seeing that game go right in the crapper was no surprise. Nothing to do with coaching, effort or skill. You just chalk these next few games up to the flu and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Let just keep making excuses… there is an excuses for everything in this world and that’s ok. It’s what differentia’s people in this world; people wonder why someone else has more than them. If you accept mediocrity you will always be just that. If the boys have the flu I understand but there have been many games this year when that has not been the case, and the results were just as bad. When does it end Seattle the GM and Coach may be great people or Not, I have no idea nor do I care but I do care about there performance and so far this is UNACCEPTABLE.

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