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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Post #400, Win #32

400 posts later.....

Seattle picks up win number 32 tonight 6-0 over the Americans.

Tonight I took some running notes about the game and that will be tonight's format.

- Prab Rai is in the building... walking on crutches... not good.

- Schappert turnover leads to a Fadden-Lazo 2 on 1... Fadden with a nice saucer pass over to Lazo but Pickard is sharp on the backside and kicks the shot out with his foot.

- Bad slashing penalty by Leblanc after Parker had been leveled by a shoulder a minute earlier. Penalty comes right as Cloud was bringing the puck over the blue line and into the American zone.

- Fleming sticking up for Hickey after a hard hit by an American player... good for him.'

- Scott with a Power Play goal to the get the Tbirds on the board just seconds after the Power Play began. Scott beat Martyniuk over the glove hand from a similar location as several of his other Power Play goals this season... but this one was a bit deeper coming from closer to the blue line.

- LeBlanc slipped a shot past Martyniuk about a minute later off a pass from Acolatse to give the Tbirds a 2-0 lead.

Shots at the end of the first period were 9-5 in favor of Tri-City as Seattle went nearly half the period before being credited with a shot on goal.

- Parker back out for the second period (after getting stitches we would learn later) and is literally on the ice for about a minute before taking another shot to the face, this time from Lazo and "earning" a 4 minute Power Play for the Birds. Parker leaves the game shortly after.

- Acolatse converts a wicked one timer from the right circle that smacks the inside of the post and into the net for a 3-0 Tbirds lead. The first 2 minutes of the PP were regrettable but the second half was good and Acolatse cashes in for Seattle. I know I have mentioned this previously but I have to point out to Tbirds fans that merely shooting the puck does not always result in goals and that a team on the Power Play should be looking for "good" shots... A team on the Power Play can always get shots from the outside... but its the quality shots in close that often result in goals.

- Some really good minutes from Erik Fleming tonight.

- Nice 2 on 1 by Scott to Richard that is saved by Owsley who came on in relief after Boyer tipped in a pass by Scott to give Seattle a 4-0 lead.

Shots on goal after 2 periods of play were 20-13 in favor of Tri-City as Calvin Pickard was really good in net.

- Cloud, 15 seconds into the 3rd period gives Seattle a 5-0 lead after a Hickey shot was blocked.

- Parker back AGAIN, this time with a full face shield (later we learned he received a second set of stitches).

- Silvester completes the scoring with a slap shot that beats Owsley 5 hole to give Seattle the 6-0 margin. Good slapper by Silvester... but Owsley should have stopped the shot.

So there you have it... Seattle trails Kamloops for the #5 seed by one point with 4 home games to play. Tbirds are back to the Sho on Wednesday night to face Prince George.

Don't forget to hit up the Fan Bus to Portland for the final regular season road game on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

So let's be as positive as possible. We take 5 out of 6 periods from a Tri team that was playing the best hockey in the league coming in last night.

If we can avoid periods like period 2 last night we will be a much better team.

I know I have ragged on Tom Buening before but I have to again. He spends 10 minutes in a pre-game show and NEVER asks Sumner about Prab Rai. I know they dont like to reveal injuries but as the BROADCASTER he NEEDS to ask the question, let Rob say he doesnt want to say or say something mundane, but that is Tom's job.

It's as if Rai didn't even exist! The fans want to know so he should at least ask, I mean what happens if he asks, does Turner come out and body slam him??

Tom also needs a personality and/or a sense of humor.

I have new respect for Jon Parker for taking stitches TWICE and still coming back into a 6-0 game!! What a gamer!

Anonymous said...

i agree... i cannot stand when people are yelling "shoot" anytime the puck is in the zone or we are on the power play, even if there are 4 defenders infront of the shooter. just dumb.... also, i dont agree mike, we didnt take 5 periods from tri. they won the game on friday, and i thought we played crappy that whole game, other than a few minutes of the first period, and a few minutes of the third. after the first 5 minutes, and the last power play, we looked flat in the first, looked like garbage in the 2nd, and in third, we were flat until the big fight. if anything, you could say we "won" the third. but still, we didnt look good, and it was one of the worst games ive seen all year. good game tonight though. and one last thing, how can you not like "boom, goes the dynamite" im kidding, he is boring, he makes me miss ian furness bad, and i cant stand him on kjr. go birds


Anonymous said...

well here is the score for the 6 periods against Tri

game 1-

period 1- Sea 1 Tri 0
period 2- Tri 4 Sea 0
period 3- Sea 1 Tri 0

game 2-

period 1- Sea 2 Tri 0
period 2- Sea 2 Tri 0
period 3- Sea 2 Tri 0

we not only win 5 of 6 but we shut them out in 5 of 6 as they score their 4 goals through two games in one period, not bad against one of the leagues premier offensive teams.

Anonymous said...

Mike, maybe the problem is you don't listen or you hear what you want to hear because they did talk about Prab on the pregame show, first Thom and Bruce and then in the coach's segment, Sumner talked about Rai. By the way, as an employee of the team, and not the radio station, if they tell Thom not to ask or talk about injuries, that is his job.

Anonymous said...

Talking to Rai yesterday he says that he is done for the regular season but will be back for the start of the playoffs. Nothing broken. We will see how that really turns out.

Anonymous said...

just because we outscored them in a period, doesnt mean we won the period. if that is your way of saying a team won a period than ok, you're right, they won the period. but if you watched the game, the first period of the tri game on friday, we didnt have a shot on two of our power plays, and were pretty much dominated other than a late goal by chris cloud which was more of a fluke goal of a soft rebound given up by the goalie. and it was pretty much the same in the third period of that game. just because a goal is scored in the period, doesnt mean our period was "won." that whole first tri game we were sloppy, and just didnt play well the whole game. yes, at times, we did have our moments, but you cant say a period was won.

Anonymous said...

First on Thom : If he talked about Rai in the pre-game segment and I missed it then I apologize but I thought I listened twice to the same segment and didnt recall hearing much said about Rai. I have mentioned how the team broadcaster working for the club is a conflict of interest and the fans being the ones who get the short end of the stick because of it.
This of course won't change because no radio station in this area is going to pay someone to do what thom does, not in this economy.

On the first game, even Rob felt that the team played well in the 1st and especially the 3rd and YES the score is a pretty good indicator of who won the period just as the score is a pretty good indicator of who won the game!! LOL

Anonymous said...

All the broadcasters who do the pro sports ie, Seahawks and Mariners, are employed by the teams. Even the ones that don't usually have final say on who the broacaster is and still hold control over content. This is true in most markets for the exact purpose of giving the teams "editorial control" so to speak, of the content of the broadcast. The teams don't pay these guys to be investigative journalists. That's what the newspapers that cover them are for. Unfortunately no newspaper covers this team. Also, if you look on the T-birds website, where his blog is, you'll find a link where you can e-mail Thom. I've done so (my question was pretty tame,regarding broadcast venues at the different buildings around the league), and got a very prompt and detailed response from Thom.

Anonymous said...

he actually said they played well at times in those periods. but they didnt play there best hockey. and are you telling me the score indicates who one the period? score wise, yes, i agree. but that doesnt mean the period was won by a team. what if the other team out shot a team 10 to 1, and dominated the period. but that one shot went in. does that mean they won the period?


Anonymous said...

not totally true.. I worked in radio in New York City and the MLB broadcasters were employees of the radio stations. Once again this is beginning to change (for the worse) because of the economy (and other issues)and so you get these homer broadcasters that can be difficult to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Yes if a goalie steals a period or a game that team still wins that period or game. It happens sometimes. The Birds actually outshot the Ams in most of those periods especially the third period of BOTH games.

Mr Tell13 said...

To get back in the thick of how the team played on saterday. is it just me or the whole team worked a whole lot more with prab out of the lineup? Guys like Silvester and Wells plyed a lot more (or seemed to) and with a lot more intensity. I also think that the lines were somehow more balanced.
Any thoughts?

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